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how does an isp works

By samprav ·
i am always curious that how does a isp works if any new acount is being added to the isp how it balances the load.when i dial a isp number for a dialup or isdn connection where i get hooked and how can i go to the international gateway.where myaccount details get stored?

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in short..

by ARG CIO In reply to how does an isp works

An ISP has an internet connection called a "back bone". Everyone connecting to that ISP shares that back bone. When you connect to the ISP via anything, you essentially start a network connection. You log into their network, and use addressing specific to their network. They have PPP servers that controls logon (and addressing). Once on their network, you can access anything on their network that isn't secured, or you have "clearance" to. Not sure what you mean by "international gateway", butfor that you travel over their network, to other networks, and "surf" the web. To access your account details you need to contact your ISP for that. Most ISP don't allow access to the accounts server, except for administrators.

Where you get "hooked"; for modem dialup you connect to their modem, which is connected to their network. for ISDN you connect to your local telco, and they route the connection to the ISP, and are put on their network.

Hope this helped? I do question your reasonfor wanting some of this information, but "for your knowledge" is the only reason I am answering this.

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