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    How does one create a computer virus?

    by billgazers ·

    And before I get crucified – no, I don’t want to create one. I’ve simply always been extremely curious about how it all works and what it takes to create a computer virus like they do in movies. I love watching movies (an old habit left from my childhood and also one of my favorite ways of spending time with my dad), and I get particularly blown away to see a computer virus at work. So, I’ve done some thinking and decided to write this post asking if someone can offer additional or even first-hand info on how it all works.

    In all honesty, another reason why I’m curious about this question is that I play a lot of video games and pretty much spend a significant part of my time awake online. The virtual world is my sanctuary and staying online that long each day means I’m bound to come across some type of virus sooner or later, so why not know my enemy?

    Moreover, I also like to play the occasional slot game like this one , and doing so requires accessing many different sites. Although I prefer to stick to reliable regulars), I regardless want to know how best to stay safe just in case (aside from the previously mentioned lasting curiosity about how it all works). So, is there someone here who’d be willing to explain it to me in simple terms? Thanks!

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