How does one fix Win XP with linux live cd

By agile ·
Could therebe assisstance on using Linux Live Cd to fix Win XP

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A lot depends upon what the problem is.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to How does one fix Win XP w ...

The most common problem is a corrupt file or the system has had a major crash or there is a hard to remove trojan on it. In most cases you won't be able to open and use the system properly via Windows, you can use a Linux live CD to fix these types of problems as the live CD loads the Linux OS from the CD and does nothing to the hard drive.

1. In the case of a corrupt file, you can use the Linux OS to examine the hard drive and replace the file, if you can identify it.

2. With the trojan, you can examine the system and delete it as it can't affect your Linux live CD.

3. With a major crash or severe trojan / virus infection, you use the live CD of Linux to copy your data off to an external drive and format the whole drive.

The idea is to use another operating system to get you in to examine the damaged system.

Hope this helps you.

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which linux live cd do you recommend

by duah In reply to A lot depends upon what t ...

which linux live cd do you recommend

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recommende Linux live cd is Slax

by agile In reply to which linux live cd do yo ...

Slax is Linux Live cd distribution it's similar to most distributions

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Personally I prefer Knoppix

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to which linux live cd do yo ...

But that's just my personal preference. Though most will read a NTFS Partition some will not and things like Puppy and DSL are probably not the best for you to look at either but for a full list look here where you can either download or buy a Live Linux


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I prefer Simply MEPIS Linux, others say good things

by Deadly Ernest In reply to which linux live cd do yo ...

about Small Linux, Puppy Linux, Knoppix, Ubuntu. Mandriva, SuSe. It really is a case of personal preference.

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Linux Live CD

by juan.sifuentes In reply to I prefer Simply MEPIS Lin ...

So, lets say I have to remove a virus from a Windows XP box and I am going to use Knoppix Live CD to remove it. I would run the Knoppix Live CD and then what do I do? Is there a utility within the Live CD to clean up viruses?

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Sorry, but I'm going to pass the ball on this one - hey Col, can you catch

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Linux Live CD

I haven't used Knoppix and don't know what's in it, it may have an AV program that will work I don't know. Most Linux distros do have an AV program on them. It should be possible to do as you wish, some how. I've just not done it that way.

In the past, when I've done this, I've used the Linux to format drive C, and copy on the operating system from the image on drive E, Drive D is the data drive. Or I've used the Linux to copy the data files off before rebuilding the system.

edited to add to the title

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Generally speaking No the AV in the Live Linux

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Linux Live CD

Will not work on the Windows HDD as there are different ways that the different OS work. Also a Virus needs to be live before you can attack it and attempt to remove it so as the Windows Installation isn't live it will not have any infections running.

What you can do to remove infections is when you are running under Windows list all the infected Files that the AV Product that you are using Can Not Remove and then go in with a Live Linux and remove them that way as they are not running you can remove anything from the Windows Folders but you have to be very careful or you may cripple Windows and prevent it from being able to run so you only need to remove the infected files which should be in the Windows System 32 Folder.

It may be necessary to copy some files back across into the folder that you are removing files from but without knowing what you are attempting to remove it's a bit hard to give you any better information.

If you want to ask off line Peer Mail me with your question.


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The ONLY viruses Linux CDs can detect are Windows

by loye.young In reply to Generally speaking No the ...

The ONLY viruses that a live Linux CD can detect are Windows viruses, because there AREN'T any Linux viruses.

As HAL points out, Linux and Windows are fundamentally different. Windows is susceptible to viruses; Linux isn't.

There is no known virus in the wild that affects Linux computers. The principal reason that the open source community has developed and supports open-source anti-virus is because the current computing environment includes both Windows and Linux computers. The open-source community wants secure computing, on every platform.

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recommended Linux Live Cd

by agile In reply to which linux live cd do yo ...

Recommended would hyave to be Slax if not satisfied try knoppix

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