How does one inject a registry backup to start a crashed Win7 OS

By DanMach ·
As a Trojan can wreck the registry it makes sense to export the
registry prior to installing any new software. However, if your
machine becomes impossible to open Windows, how does one inject the
copy that you made, and thereby restore it?

Regards, Dan

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Via the disk prompt

by databaseben In reply to How does one inject a reg ...

in such a situation, you would have to boot up with a windows cd and launch the recovery console. in doing so, you will then get access to the disk prompt, whereas you would then use regular dos commands to restore your backup'd registry.

there is also another method via the disk prompt for restoring the registry that were backup'd via system restore.

the method i am providing does work with winxp systems but i haven't tested on subsequent releases. however, it is a viable method to try as a last ditch effort to avoid a disk format:

incidentally, you might also try to understand that while infections can destroy the registry and other system files, restoring the registry is sometimes futile because corrupted system files also have to be replaced with genuine ones.

to this end, sometimes your only option would be to re-install the o.s. from scratch, that is if you can't execute a system repair installation. so the highest recommendation that i can possible provide is for you to either maintain a backup of your personal files, mailboxes, pictures, etc "or" move their folders onto an extended partition or alternate disk drive.

in doing so, you will protect them from formatting, in the event it becomes your only option for restoring your computer.

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recovering after crash

by DanMach In reply to How does one inject a reg ...

Thanks for the eyes up on recovering a crashed machine. I have been carrying over customisations for about 20 years, and would not like to lose my work.

All the best, Dan

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There is an easier way...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to How does one inject a reg ...

Not sure how adept with the command line you are, but there is a downloadable boot disc known as Hiren's BootCD that contains a wonderful little utility to make this job considerably easier. Boot with it, open the HBCD menu, click applications and scroll down to Registry and finally to Registry Restore Wizard. The beauty of this little tool is that it works on all platforms of Windows since XP. Be advised though that many of the tools included with the disc are not licensed. That said, many of them are coded by Hiren himself and are freely available. I do believe this particular one falls under the latter category. Good luck Dan.

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by DanMach In reply to How does one inject a reg ...

Thank you SmartAceWOLF. I have seldom used the Command Prompt since Dos3, so any tool that makes life easier is much appreciated.

Will go look for Hiren's BootCD.

Wishing you a good weekend. Dan

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