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How does senior mgmt view your project?

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Tell us how you think senior management usually views your projects, as featured in a recent Project Management Blueprint e-newsletter. Do you have a good working rapport with senior management? Is there a particular project stage where you often notice your ideas and senior management's ideas diverge? How do you try to keep the lines of communication open with senior management?

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Example Please

by jmasters In reply to How does senior mgmt view ...

Can we see an example of your 5 point email?

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weekly summary

by Patrick Andrews In reply to Example Please

A real summary would identify an actual project and the content might be hard to decipher by anyone new to the work. However, here is an outline:
1. respond to any queries which the last summary (or meeting) provoked.
2. include numerical measuresof progress to date
3. flag up forthcoming issues or high-level decisions required. (2 sentences on each, max)

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A misled manager can be deadly

by kjwolf In reply to How does senior mgmt view ...

I was in New Jersey and did a little work for a client that was the worst communicator in the world!! Decided that I needed to get out of the rat race. Now I manage a small team doing specialty consulting. I like the 5 points per week email. Often if a status memo or project plan is to big, a nomad, like the person I was working for missed the picture.

If you work for a moron, do not be afraid to look elsewhere!!


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by Patrick Andrews In reply to A misled manager can be d ...

I believe you're one of the readers who 'got' what I was trying to say. Some of our colleagues in project management seem to be a little over-focussed on the minutiae. We should all be able to admit to some

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5 points???

by Jerry Smith In reply to How does senior mgmt view ...

I am very surprised that:

1) the author forgot to include the 5 points (I'm thinking they focus on 5 specific topics or subjects and not 5 random topics) AND

2) the newsletter editor didn't catch the ommision!

Hope they outline it or givean example.

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