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How does shared hosting work

By Josette2020 ·
Tags: Hardware
I am interested in understanding how shared hosting works across different companies and wonder if anyone has any insights?
Would I be correct in assuming.…
1. Most Linux platforms use cPanel?
2. By default cPanel includes the following;
a. the site building tool 'Site'
b. the ability to set up 100 email accounts
c. ability to set up unlimited databases
3, Based on my assumptions above would it be logical to assume that the limits hosting companies put on the amount of emails and databases each client can set up is a function of resource management?
4. If a site building tool like Site is not available, then it is because the host provider has restricted the use of this tool?
5. As email uses the most resources, if a company restricts the number of email accounts to say 1 or 5, would it be accurate to assume that this enables them to put more accounts on a shared platform?
Many thanks, Josette
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