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How does static HTML pages work for Databse Driven News Websites?

By exclhyd ·
Please see for example, ABC News Site: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/12/09/2765792.htm

(This is unlike in Tech Republic, where the content is pulled dynamically while the page is loaded -look at the URL of this page)

Each news is published as Static HTML. How is this done using HTML since data has to come from news database?

How do we achive this in ASP.NET websites with MSSQL database?

Is each such news page stored in Root, as static HTML page?

Does that mean there could be hundreds of static pages generated and stored in root folder each day?

Please help to understand how news sites with HTML Pages work.

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I've no idea how they do it, but I did somthing similar

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How does static HTML page ...

by having a scheduled job generate the pages based on a frequency.
Simple exe took a template html, with a special comment book mark that denoted a stored procedure to run that was auto converted to a table or list html and then inserted inside.
Fastest I need it was once per minute for two pages, others were by the hour, shift (8 hours), day or week.

After that I bolted on some others that were rebuilt based on events. The pages have a http refresh meta tag in them.

These were standard reports like number of tonnes produced and such.

Adhoc stuff was done by another method. Whole point of a system like this is not to use somthing like server side scripting, (it was pretty crap back then (1997), neither needed not wanted. Written in Delphi 4 I seem to remember. Almost any language the runs on winders could do this, in fact you could do it on almost any system and just share the pages with IIS.

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I don't know but

by mamies In reply to How does static HTML page ...

When I wanted a database driven site i used PHP and MySQL. It achieved the same result really and will most likely achieve the same result as your ASP.NET with MSSQL.

Just looking at the site above, I think alot of it could be just a static page with a template attached to it. I could make something similar without using a database at all.

The only problem to that is, that their will be alot of html files sitting around, and also the work to create the pages is increased.

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RE: Data driven website

by PoppaTab In reply to How does static HTML page ...

Silly question; have you looked at the page source? I believe TR is basically a WordPress blog software. MS accomplishes the same database feed through asp and dotnet extensions, etc. This almost sounds like a homework question.

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HTM does mean static

by paul.menefee In reply to How does static HTML page ...

Just because the extention of the file is htm don't assume it is static. There are several reasons why a company may chose to run .htm pages. It might mean "static" in the sense that it is virtually stripped of database calls and the template is now hardcoded. Or for security reasons they have everything running through the same ISAPI engine. So don't jump to the conclusion that .htm means no server side code.

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by diptanshu In reply to How does static HTML page ...

1. static pages generated from data in database (typically using software)

2. ajax: pulls dynamic content into static page

3. file extensions renamed server-side (mod-rewrite)

Quite a few modern CMSs have feature #3 available.

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