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How does stress impact your job?

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
Tell us what factors contribute to your stress. How does stress impact your decision-making abilities? Did you find this week's Application Developer Management column helpful? Please rate this column from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating.

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Open Office reduces stress

by bassman523 In reply to How does stress impact yo ...

You should have Open Office ( on your Linux box. First, no rebuild would have been needed. Second: Look, ma, no Microsoft product needed to write my article!!! See, I was paying attention.

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Hysterical Stress

After two years of almost NO new development contracts, and nothing but rude responses from recruiters, I thought I was handling the stress just fine. Then, one week, I got several offers to write articles and book chapters.

I sat down at my computer and knew that there was a key I was supposed to press - but which one? I was panicky and confused. Which key? Which key is next? I have miles to go before I sleep!

I thought I was having a brain-stroke. I went to the ER and $2500 later,the Doc said I had "Viral Syndrome". But, it wasn't a stroke, wasn't cancer, and dang sure wasn't a virus.

Fortunately, most folks I know are (or have been) in therapy or on anti-depressants. I talked to a lot of people who coached me through dealing with panic attacks - because THAT was my real problem.

I didn't realize it was psychological - I thought I was physically ill.

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Everyday stress is a very good thing. It's what makes you alive. But sometimes, when you're too alive, you need someone to tell you to breathe.

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Kill to salesman!!!

by hmaldonadom In reply to How does stress impact yo ...

I think the most cause of stress are promises made by salesmen to clients.

How can we take care of salesmen? They broke all the times, deliverables and previous working plans.

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