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How does this stack up (warning Linux content)

I wonder if Linux is coming along. We hear each year that this is the year of Linux.

My own experience is that in many area's Linux has problems very similar to those of Windows, just in different area's. These problems range from Dbus issues to Xserver (graphics), and audio issues to a lack of gaming support.

I use Linux as my primary OS.

But I have to ask is this the year of Linux? According to Internetnews.com Red Hat has made the S & P fortune 500.

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Nah I don't think so

by Slayer_ In reply to How does this stack up (w ...

I think it will be in 2011, after W7 bombs

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by DHCDBD In reply to Nah I don't think so

Maybe W7 will bomb, it depends. I have been running W7 in a VM. It is stable, however I have noticed that as the builds progress the problems are again building. M$ also appears to be maneuvering to make their VM the only one. With build 7000 VMWare functioned flawlesslessy. With the latest 7600 build and actually beginning with build 7264, the graphics fail to function properly - the windows do not properly resize. Because my VM has not changed, I have to lay this at M$' feet.

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I have same problems in XP

by Slayer_ In reply to Maybe.

Although I am blaming nVidia drivers. The problems started right after I updated them.

Are you running nVidia on your host machine?

Cause if not, that disproves my theory.

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Yes and no.

by DHCDBD In reply to I have same problems in X ...

One runs Nvidea and the other ATI.

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I don't believe in "the year of Linux"

by seanferd In reply to How does this stack up (w ...

but I think it has been coming along nicely for a long time.

As for games, if they weren't written exclusively for Windows, there wouldn't be a problem. If the games were at least compatible with OpenGL, running them under Wine would be easier, I'd think. But Linux can only do so much to support games written for Windows/DirectX. It's a bummer.

As for getting "used to" a Linux distro, it can be a challenge, but nothing is any more convoluted or cryptic to me in a Linux distro than in a Windows release as fars as learning about it from scratch goes.

Of course, for some users, Windows will do more of the kind of thing they want. They should stick with it, rather than try to make Linux into Windows. New Linux users may also pick the wrong distro for what they want to do, just because that distro is the current popular flavor, or what their friend uses, or the first distro they heard of. (Same for people who wanted the capabilities of Vista Ultimate but bought Home Basic.)

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