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    How Exchange works when Domain name =DNS


    by gis ·

    Hi All, Please read below and HELP.
    I have created a SMTP connector in exchange.I download email messages from my domain ( through a third party tool.
    Clients in the network are able to send/receive msgs within the premises and from Internet. I configured another exch-srvr in another branch off in other city, and created another email bag on the domain containing the users. Branch office can send me the emails but I can?t them.

    Srvr = 2000
    Exch-srvr = 2K with service pack 1
    Srvr fully qualified name =
    Exch-srvr Name = off1
    User =

    Srvr = NT 4.0
    Exch-srvr = 5.5 with internet mail
    Srvr fully qualified name =
    Exch-srvr Name = mail
    User =

    Fawad can send email to Rizwan, but when Rizwan tries to send email to Fawad it gives an error message
    ‘’ The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to. Check the e-mail address, or contactthe recipient directly to find out the correct address.

    To resolve the prob, I created another entry in address space in SMTP connector stating:
    COST = 2
    Whereas the first entry was as following:
    ADDRESS = *
    COST = 1
    Now I was able to send the mails to my branch office, but unsuccessful when trying to receive email from them using third party tool (EFS). EFS screen showed that mails were downloaded and forwarded to exch-srvr,but none was shown in clients mail box. Then I removed the connector and regenerated the connector with ADDRESS = * only, and all emails were shown in the mail boxes.
    When I enter ADDRESS = in address space of SMTP connector, all mails can be forwarded to branch office, but the third party tool is unable to forward the emails received because ADDRESS conflicts with DNS name of the server.

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      How Exchange works when Domain name =DNS

      by maximk ·

      In reply to How Exchange works when Domain name =DNS

      Reading your story above, I get the impression that you have two separate Exchange Organizations with the same SMTP domain… This will give you some trouble since your Exchange 2000 Org uses SMTP for internal routing and by default send an NDR whenyou try to email a user outside the Exchange 2000 Organization with the same SMTP domain.
      AFAIK there is a way to get this working!
      As I don’t have a test system at my disposal, I may be using the wrong words to describe what you must do.
      Go to your recipient policy that contains the SMTP domain and deselect ‘This Exchange Organisation is responsible for this domain’. Then configure an SMTP Connector with this domain as the address scope pointing to your Exchange 5.5 server.
      This should do the trick. Good luck.

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