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How formula statements can say the wrong thing

By Deadly Ernest ·
I started watching a documentary show tonight. It's on a very grim part of history, yet I nearly died laughing at the opening comments. The documentary is one of those where they strive for reality and truth, not box office credits. As is often the case they are made possible due to the financial donations of people, organisations, and businesses; as is the case with this one. The three part series was made by a group that does a lot of thought provoking movies and documentaries, so they have a formula statement about the sponsors - it starts "(name of documentary movie) was made possible by (list of sponsors)" A very basic and simple formula, right. OK, why was it funny - well read what was said by a gentleman with a very deep and flat voice.


"The Civil War was made possible by General Motors, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,....."

end quote

And I thought it was a political conflict over state sovereignty as against federal sovereignty.

Obviously they caught the problem later as by disc three the word "grants from" are inserted between "by" and "General Motors." But the disc 1 I have is a laugh to watch the credits of.

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