How GMail tracks what emails have been POPped?

By Healer ·
Recently I switched from IMAP to POP. After connecting to GMail, the GMail server downloaded months of emails to the local computer. I believe the download was started from the date when I switched from POP to IMAP.

Eventually I had to reset the POP settings to stop it. I am curious how GMail keeps track what had been downloaded. I can't see any special flags or the like.

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by NexS In reply to How GMail tracks what ema ...

So why did you switch from IMAP to POP, and are you using an email client or web-based.

I would hazard a guess and say that Gmail might be downloading things onto your local computer, and removing them from the server. I know that some email suppliers do that by default, and you'd have to set up your client to download only copies of you emails, rather than permanently moving it.

A few links:
How to setup IMAP Gmail in outlook

Recommended settings

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Old emails are flooding down again.

by Healer In reply to ...umm

I changed to IMAP because I attempted to access the emails at multiple computers. Then I found it very messy and had multiple databases. The connections to mail server sometimes got reset, not stable or reliable for no apparent reasons. Yesterday I couldn't send any emails even though test messages worked fine. Eventually I had to create a new profile to get it work again.

I've just found GMail has a "recent" mode which enable download of emails of last 30 days to all clients. I will test this one.

By the way, my emails are flooding down from the GMail server again. I am not too sure if it has anything to do with my changing the Outlook mail client to the "recent" mode.

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It may be

by NexS In reply to Old emails are flooding d ...

To do with your send/receive. Have a look under your send/receive options if you don't want to automatically download all emails.

It's worth a look.

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I do want

by Healer In reply to It may be

to automatically download all emails but only those new ones.

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I would suggest

by NexS In reply to I do want

Letting it download all the older ones.

I'm not sure on the exact behaviour of the Outlook client in your situation, but I think it may always want to download all "new" emails, and seeing that all your mail will be 'new' to the client, it will download them.

If you want to delete them from your client application, I would do so after all emails have been downloaded. Also make sure that you have set your server/client options (namely deleting either local ONLY or both local and server) to your liking.

I don't know if there is the opportunity to specify which date ranges you want to download from.

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"Message retrieved" flag is reset whenever you change pop settings

by TobiF In reply to Old emails are flooding d ...

Whenever you change your pop-settings in gmail, it will reset all flags about what messages have already been retrieved.

So, when you change to "recent", it starts downloading, until your email client is up to date again.

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I suppose

by Healer In reply to "Message retrieved" flag ...

that the flag should be attached to the email message. Are they visible from our point of view?

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No, they're out of our reach {no text}

by TobiF In reply to I suppose
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by Healer In reply to No, they're out of our re ...

for all the inputs.

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It's up to you!

by TobiF In reply to How GMail tracks what ema ...

When you activate POP access, gmail will ask you, whether you want to enable pop for new messages (i.e. arrived after the moment pop was enabled) or for all mails in your account.

But, be careful with settings in your mail client. Most clients has a default setting to delete messages that have been successfully retrieved. If you still want these mails to be around in the web interface, with its convenient "conversation" threading and nice ads on the side, then you need to change this setting.

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