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How good are techrepublic books

By mdhislam ·
Anyone bought books from techrepublic? anyone
have any idea about those books?how good are they?
I am interested in Networking books. any advice
would highly appreciated.

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How good are techrepublic books

by NetTek In reply to How good are techrepublic ...

I hope I don't get sued, but I purchased a "book" from TechRepublic, and I regretted doing so. It was definitely not worth the price I paid.

Additionally, I thought I was purchasing a "book", but it actually came as a CD-ROM. Now I make my living in the world of IT, but media in CD-ROM form is definitely cumbersome. I prefer being able to grab a book off a shelf, look in the table of contents or index, and find what I am looking for. Having to put a CD-ROM into the drive, activate the program, and then "surf" through a couple hundred on-screen pages is annoying. Not to mention that you have to print out the pages if you want quick reference at a later time.

What is really annoying, if you think about it, is that when you purchase a computer book these days, they almost always come with a copy of the book on CD. TechRepublic just sent me the CD with no book. If you do plan on ordering, make sure you are indeed getting an actual book.

As far as networking books, I have two that are actually quite good. One is from QUE, entitled, "Upgrading and Repairing Networks". The other is by Sybex, called "Networking Complete." Both are fairly comprehensive and were worth the price.

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How good are techrepublic books

by mdhislam In reply to How good are techrepublic ...

THanks for your valuable answer.

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