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How good are we at spotting spyware?

By stargazerr ·
According to a test conducted by SiteAdvisor, a staggering 97% of internet users cannot effectively detect spyware and put their PCs at risk, reports slashdot.

Here is a test to see how good you are at spotting potential risks. I got a score of 7 out of 8.


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Spotting spyware

by Neil Higgins In reply to How good are we at spotti ...

5 out of 8.Not bad,according to the site,but I'm walking a tightrope.Dont tell my boss!!!

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they need to make computers

by Dr Dij In reply to How good are we at spotti ...

more id10t proof. pre-installed and configured in ways to prevent this. still wouldn't prevent people from responding to phishing scams but that is dift problem.

you should lock down your computer in internet zone
have outgoing firewall like ZA
program to prevent changes to registry, like MS antispy, or tea-timer part of (spyware blaster I think?)
run scans from free online spyware scanenrs (not questionable ones that adv on TV) like ca's pest patrol or trendmicro's site
and set your email to text only.
(and use firefox for general browsing) using ie only for sites you know are safe after or that don't work because of activex in firefox

use siteadvisor plugin (just bought by norton)
to tell you if site has spyware before clicking on it - shows up in google searches and yahoo links whether site is ok.

Plus, you should have a broadband router ($25) so sites can't ping randomly and get your system to respond.

whew - after all that no wonder so many people can't keep spyware free.

takes a computer genius, which obviously has to change. computer geniuses should be able to clone their knowledge into the software and hardware protecting us.

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Its no use

by stargazerr In reply to they need to make compute ...

We managed to get a phishing email for paypal on our corporate email server. Sales people just clicked on it to see what happens! These were people who did not have paypal accounts and were merely curious. These were people who had already received an email from me the same morning asking (imploring) them to ignore that email. These were the people who never really pay attention to what I tell them to do anyway. And unfortunately, these are the people who are the reason I get paid ...


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there's corporate spyware (and spam) firewalls

by Dr Dij In reply to Its no use

barracuda has one

if you locked down to prevent activex,
and have users not with privs to install progs, should stop installing any progs I'd think.

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privs and progs?

by stargazerr In reply to there's corporate spyware ...

privileges and programs do you mean?

We do have firewalls in place. This one managed to escape somehow


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privs stop the spyware

by Dr Dij In reply to privs and progs?

if you don't allow users to be logged in with admin rights you can setup PC to prevent programs from installing themselves.

this alone can prevent much grief.
some places leave users with admin rights as it is 'easier' and some a/v and other progs require it to run. easier rather than getting progs fixed or setting up access so progs work.

e.g. I had to request pc group help to login as admin yesterday to install update from cdrom of app we use.

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computer geniuses

by In reply to they need to make compute ...

Why would computer geniuses make such viruses?
Do you think they are bored and they want to see what they can create, like a mad scientist discovering new ways to make a robot?
You are right abotu them needing to make the protection for us instead!

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Issues with the concept...

by gralfus In reply to How good are we at spotti ...

Maybe I'm jaded, but I wouldn't choose any of the sites shown.

For example, choose between a safe and unsafe "screen-saver download website". My answer was: neither. Why the blazes would I be downloading more screen-savers? "Hey everyone, look at my new screen-saver! Oooh!"

The next site choices were "Smileys". Another "must have or I can't work" feature. I didn't bother continuing after that.

To avoid spyware, don't download enticing crap.

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by stargazerr In reply to Issues with the concept.. ...

Got the point. The idea is to download crap and do your best to avoid downloading crap while downloading crap.


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by oldbag In reply to Issues with the concept.. ...

This is the kind of stuff that has no business on company computers and I discourage the practice. If I am working on a user's computer and find smileys, unapproved screen savers etc, it is removed without even asking the user if it is ok. I will also send out warnings about downloading any of this, telling users that downloading could cause problems.

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