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How good security is offered by the operating systems we have?

By support ·
We have been using antivirus, firewall, encryption keys and **** lots of tools... which proved to inefficient to what we need.

Just guess, how we implement security in our real life... I mean, in any building, appartment, campus or any particular area, or even a state or nation.

Did we have followed the same approach?
Aren't our protection techniques inappropriate?

Kindly review:

I shall me posting more on the subject in the coming days.

Lets start a discussion
Good Day!

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Not secure at all...

by Praetorpal In reply to How good security is offe ...

Operating systems generally have no way of discerning legitimate commands from illicit ones, in order to "operate". They are inherently stupid. That is why if a virus, worm or attacker says "give me root control of your box", the o/s responds with "sure, here you go".

Most of the counter measures we attempt to use to compensate for this design feature have the cheerful task of trying to regulate/analyze traffic to about 130,000 ports on a standard box.
Not an easy task.

Add-on complex environments, wireless, IM, rogue software, poor coding and design, and the fact that the bad guys are getting smarter, and the fun is just starting.

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I think

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Not secure at all...

the solution could be to buy this firms software.

Going to unplug my network until he agrees to sell me something.

Hope I can persuade him.

I'm feeling very vulnerable just now.

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by support In reply to I think

Dear Tony,

My purpose of posting this topic is only to initiate a discussion and to invite a debate on the subject. We are a very small company so we cant develop a reliable operating system. But I expect some major companies look into the matter.

Besides, I also want to share my views and the vision I have towards the operating system and IT security which I foresee.


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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to

I've some thoughts of my own on that front, and it's definitely a topic worth discussing.

Your start came across as a standard security software sales pitch though.

Scare'em to death, and then relieve their fears with this wonderful new product. I've been scared for so long now it doesn't work on me anymore.

Hence the flame

I'll keep an open mind

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IT Security and all its FOIBLES

by Praetorpal In reply to Dear support@thedotcomoff ...


you are correct that the security community is guilty of vendor hype that could be characterized by the following:

F Fear
O of
I imagined
B breaches
L leads (to)
E expensive
S sales

Now I am part of the security vendor bunch and I have to promote a product without committing the same sin. I try to focus on the positive advantages our product gives in terms of system maintenance and real ROI that it delivers. Do you think it will fly? Or should I just resort to fear-mongering?

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