How I could extend my system partition for 2011 free???

By ConfusedGuy ·
Hello, everyone, first time here and I hope you could give me some suggestions because I am really confused for a long time. My server 2011 system partition is running out of space and I am going to mad because essential applications cannot be installed in any longer. I must admit that I was stupid; I just leave 20GB for system partition when I install the operating system. Does anyone could provide me some suggestion or solution? I do appreciate!

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RE:- My server 2011 system partition What Server Platform is this??

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How I could extend my sys ...

Depends on what Partition Tools you have available but assuming you have none G Parted is a free utility which you can use.

However if you have never used any Partitioning Tools like this previously it's always a good idea to do a Complete Backup so that in the event of making a mistake you can recover.

Though there is no need to install software to the C Partition there is nothing stopping you doing a Manual Install and installing any new software to other Partitions not the C Partition.


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Reponse To Answer

by ConfusedGuy In reply to RE:- [i]My server 2011 sy ...

Thanks, I will try the program you suggested. and i am running windows home server 2011.

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extend partition with partition manager server tool for free

by raffilica In reply to How I could extend my sys ...

I heard of free partition manager for Servers, and it is not open source program, named Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition, the developer said this is the first partition manager free for servers in the world.
I have got their two software when they gave away their program, easy to use. Of course, maybe its brand awareness is waiting to be improved, but free is the best I think. you could take a try and check whether it could help you.
In addition, to solve your problem, i think Acronis Disk Director also could help you.

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Reponse To Answer

by ConfusedGuy In reply to extend partition with par ...

Thanks for your information, before using it, i contacted Aomei for detailed suggestion, this freeware worked fine and worth to recommend. now my system partition was expanded as i wish. what's more, AOMEI team left a deep impression on me. I also tried Gparted but it is a little difficult for me, I also searched easeUS, but it is a little expensive for me. ....

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Try this...

by cpetit In reply to How I could extend my sys ...

Go to disk management from the server manager and extend the partiton out to the rest of the disk... if there are multiple partitions you will either have to shrink the others and then extend this one out or you could use a cloning utility to clone the drive over to another bigger one and then set the partitons the way you want before copying data... Acronis is great for this too.

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Reponse To Answer

by Louisapple In reply to Try this...

as i know, windows disk management can not move partition, that's mean you can not extend your system partition at all.
in my opinion and as you asked for a free tool, aomei partition assistant lite is fit for you. after comparing them. i found it is much easier to use than gparted, what.s more, it is free for use, acronis is so expensive. if i were you, maybe i will search for partition manager in google and then decide to choose most suitable one. easus partition master or paragon is good but you need to know both of them are not free. i agree with raffilica, free is the best, at lease it is the best for us, who have no much money. (:

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the free partition software for Windows Server users

by michaellj In reply to How I could extend my sys ...

In my experience, the windows snap-in disk management could not support extend partition when the unallocated space is not continues behind the system partition. Therefore, you could only ask help for some third-party software, however, most third-party software is not free for server users. You could try this third-party software which I find recently and it is free for server users to manage partition. You could get more information from
hope this could help you.

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Re: How I could extend my system partition for 2011 free???

by Haligonian In reply to How I could extend my sys ...

I don't have any direct experience in Home Server 2011, but assuming it works like most of the other Windows versions, the Windows disk manager tool probably won't allow you to change the size of, or move, your system partition.

In 2009, Greg Shultz wrote a TechRepublic article on setting up a dual boot WinXP/Win 7 environment. In that article he showed how to repartition and resize the system partition. The third part of the article shows step by step how to resize and move a Windows 7 system partition. The same thing may work for you in 2011. The article can be found here:

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have you read this blog?

by Swiftjoin In reply to How I could extend my sys ...

hey, i found a blog, related to your question, follow and try. the blogger used this program and wrote blog here, that's really helpful information for you and me.

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Free partition resizer for Windows Server 2011

by michaellj In reply to How I could extend my sys ...

Hi, depend on your problem, the snap-in disk management could not help you, because it miss a important function "move partition" which could make you resize partition freely. For this, you could only use other software, here is an article how to extend system partition in Windows Server with a freeware which I find on GOOGLE, hope it could help you
resource link:

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