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How I feel about getting a Degree in Computer Science for programming

By xsubxwooferx ·
I feel it would be really hard to remember all them codes for C++, Java etc. Anyone agree? I THINK i want a degree in Computer Science for maybe programming/software engineering but reality is comming in to me and it seems it would be way to tough to do.Are their any other really good degrees as this maybe without programming in IT?

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Working as a programmer isn't like taking a test in a programming class

by Absolutely In reply to How I feel about getting ...

You don't really have to memorize it all.
Work is more like an open-book exam or a
homework assignment. Do something else if
you really don't like programming, but not
just because "it would be really hard to
remember all them codes for C++, Java etc."
I mean, sure, it would be really hard, but
really, it isn't necessary, either.

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That's what manuals are for.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Working as a programmer i ...

No one memorizes all commands, operations, or parameters for anything, be it a programming language or an OS. Get familiar with the common ones and crack open a book when you need to reference the less frequently used terms.

Programming actually has some artistic elements. No two programmers will write the same code even if they are working toward the same result. One version may be more efficient, the other may be more easily maintained. It all depends on your approach.

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Misses the point.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How I feel about getting ...

Language is not programming, you can learn to program without learning any programming language, personally I think that's the way it should be taught (at least initially) in CS.

Most languages have common keywords anyway, for instance C# and Java are both C based languages.

Learn how to program, after that language is merely translation.

Programming is breaking a 'complex' task into a set of simpler steps.
How 'simple' each step is, and how it can be expressed is syntax and semantics, ie language.

Anything else would be like saying you could only be an author if you wrote in english.

In 8 bit machine code

LDA #00
LDB #06

in C#

A = 6 * 7

(machine code repeatedly adds 6 seven times)


int A = 0;
for(int i=6;i>=0;i--)
A += 6;

Don't look at it by language.

Write down all the steps for making a cup of coffee.

Turn On Kettle,
Wait til boiled
put coffee in cup
fill cup with water

Can you assume there is water in the kettle
is there a mug full?
What happened when kettle boils
What if it never does (no power)
When is cup full
Milk and sugar
More than one cup required
Two people sharing the kettle or the cup or both
why wait for it to boil before put coffee in cup?

That's programming.

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Well how about........

by xsubxwooferx In reply to Misses the point.

My main focus right now is Degree in Computer Science for programming....2nd choice is networking then computer engineering.The production of job openings is my only problem because I want to get degree in computers with most job openings because I know I will love the programming/engineering/ or networking of the aspect. Like I searched on and searched my area which only has like 12 openings for programmer.

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Well I'm UK based

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well how about........

we haven't suffered like you guys.
No H1Bs, outsourcing hasn't really took off etc.

As for job searches, search for a 'technology'
eg Java, C# or
Developer, analayst/developer, solution provider, glorified clerk, software engineer...

Lot's of titles for the same job.

Note while I said you don't need a language to learn programming, to get a job you need at least one. Personally I'd recommend three, (Procedural, OO and SQL), a scripting language wouldn't be a bad idea as well.

It might look daunting, but if you enjoy programming, you'll pick up the 'sense' of a language, a wee book and the occasional tap of F1 and you'll be away.

Only some sort of HR numpty, would suggest your knowledge was dependant on parroting all the keywords and such.

I can be acceptably productive in a new language inside of two weeks.

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by xsubxwooferx In reply to Well I'm UK based

I love TRYing to program cause im new to it. But I find it hard to first start to try to program but once im into it I start to like it.

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A lot comes with experience

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Cool

After 30 years I usually have an idea on how to attack a problem. Not always the best idea, sometimes turn out to be complete idiocy.

When I'm new to a problem domain, or to a language / environment.

I go for keep it simple.

Put the window(s) together, sort out menus / buttons. Do open and close.
Get yourself a structure and then start filling in the blanks.

Stub the code (write the method but with no content, maybe a message box function x not implemented).

All sorts of ideas and potential strategies will fall out of this process.

Then you best friend google will come to your aid.

"Fill a list box from db with C#".

You'd have to seriously unlucky not to find a code example that wouldn't at least give you a clue.

Key point though, don't just paste it in and wrench your arm patting yourself on the back, learn how it works.

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Yeah that helps some

by xsubxwooferx In reply to A lot comes with experien ...

Does anybody know good sites that maybe can help me get into programming more or ways to make me like it more? I already like reading about programming and all that but actually trying it is my problem.Only thing I programmed was that Hello World lol.

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If you do not enjoy it...

by Justin James Contributor In reply to Yeah that helps some

... then do not get into it. Do yourself the favor. If you do not feel motivated enough to jump right in and get messy without any handholding, and you are just starting, how much are you going to like it when you have to wake up every day and do it or else you go hungry? How much will you like it when you are working 60 hour weeks to get a project done? You won't, you will hate yourself for going this route.

When I was a kid, I wanted this more than anything else in the world. And you know what? I went for it. This was pre-Web days, yet I managed to muddle my way through the Help files and manuals after school, along with taking a few courses at my high school, to become a competant programmer. And even now, 15+ years after that, I still have enough motivation to do it on occassion on the weekends, "just for fun", despite having limited time.

Again, if you are looking for a Web site that will make you "like it more", it sounds to me like you should be thinking of other things to be learning.


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