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How I Would Pick Up a Wifi Hotspot and ShareThe Connection Out Between 4 Pc

By jakeelsley96 ·
Hi, i want to pick up wifi from a hotspot which is about a mile a way, i have found this wifi antenna ( )

I want to be able to share the connection from the wifi antenna, to my 4 computers, so they can all pick up wifi.

I have emailed them and they say I need a router, which is to be set in client mode, and that the detachable ariel will have to be replaces with the cable of the antenna.

I was wondering if any body new how i would connect the router to my 4 computers, would i use ethernet and then install some software or what, i would be greatfull for any advice that you could give me.

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by TheChas In reply to How I Would Pick Up a Wif ...

First of all, is what you plan to do acceptable to the person or company that operates the hot-spot?

Have you verified that the connection is not secured or encrypted?

It would be a shame to order the parts for a network and then not be able to use them.

Keep in mind, that even if the connection is not secured it may still not be legal for you to just connect to it.

Once you know it is legitimate to connect to the signal, setting up a network just for sharing an Internet connection is fairly easy, and there should be a full set of instructions with the router.

For desktop systems and fixed location notebook use, I prefer a wired connection. If for no other reason, I prefer the security of a wired connection versus a wireless.


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