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How imbedded music into e-mail

By lmerkel ·
would like to imbed music into my is it done?

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by john In reply to How imbedded music into e ...

You need to design your E-Mail in html mode. You can access the music in the same way pictures are accessed. Try adding a picture to your e-mail then look at the code to where the path is. You can add music after than and direct it to the same path. If you have a place to host the file it would be easier, but you can do it either way.

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by Windy67 In reply to How imbedded music into e ...

Last year, CES product of the year was the
keyboards that also have a musical keyboards from
Creative Labs. If you are just wanting to fool
around with sounds and sending tunes- the Creative
Labs Prodikeys is "it". The sounds they downloaded
off the internet for the instruments are better
than a real keyboard. Phenomenal product- that
enables sending tunes via email as easy as

se your PC to learn how to play, learn and create music! With Prodikeys and a computer, you or your children will be playing music faster than you ever thought possible.

Designed for users of all ages and skills, Prodikeys features various modes that let you play a tune with all that razzmatazz -- without any music background. Explore 100 music styles under 10 style categories, including pop, dance, rock, and jazz. To up the fun level, strap it on like a guitar and perform like a rock star!

The full-featured keyboard works as a regular ?QWERTY? keyboard, and includes 37 touch-sensitive music keys, 128 built-in instruments and easy-to-use software. Plus, its space-saving design makes it the perfect interactive entertainment device for home or work use.
Coupled with the included Sound Blaster audio card, you can explore a wide array of realistic instrument sounds and have non-stop fun making music right at your desktop. What?s more, you can put up a one-man band performance for your loved ones. Even if you can only play the melody with one hand, the Intelligent Rhythm Chord Accompaniment lets you jam your favorite tune easily with a full band to back you up. You can even record and save that masterpiece in MP3, WAV or MIDI format to share with your friends via the Internet.

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