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How important can the Linux Certificatio

By mt_salazar ·
I am looking into an offer for the Linux Certification (7.0 to be exact) however, I wanted to know if the certification would be worth the investment as far as the job market goes? I am currently 2 classes away from an Associates in programming andhave 5 years of hands on PC hardware and networking experience utilizing NT 40, RedHat Linux, and Sco-Unix. Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that, I don't want to program for a career. For me, networking and PC hardware is the way to go.Your feedback is appreciated.

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Linux cert

by raheesom In reply to How important can the Lin ...

I'm currently doing the LPI Linux cert.

I previously certified under Novell, but
that's less of an option in the IT world now.

Actual experience in the IT world will always
be worth more than certification, but cert
helps you to fill in knowledge gaps, and
gives you a kickstart into a product if
you're new to it. I myself have never worked
directly with UNIX/Linux, so I'm hoping that
Linux cert can give me a foot in the door for
a UNIX admin role.

I think you should go for it.Even get mult
Linux certs...general & RedHat for example,
IF you won't be doing the MS route.

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re: How important can

by Terrence L. Gabriel In reply to How important can the Lin ...

If you are interested in networking and pc hardware, you have two obvious things to do. One is recognize you like the nuts and bolts better or you do not. Two is if you recognize one to be true, then emphasize what you want to do, not what seems appropriate. To do anything else means you will be a very unhappy 45 year old one day because of "what could have been..."

Be sure to finish the Associates degree and there is no harm in going on if you can work that out. What to do now however, is really up to you . I can suggest looking in to the Cisco tracks of education and certification. Also get certified with Linux so that you have a CREDENTIAL along with the experience you claim. The Cisco stuff can be done with simulators and intensive reading. You can handle programming so the IP and OSI stuff will not be too bad for you.

Good luck,


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