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    How IoT healthcare solutions helps to fight against covid 19?

    by digitaljessicaa ·


    The world is fighting with novel coronavirus, in this difficult situation how IoT healthcare solutions helps to fight against covid 19?

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      IOT healthcare solutions

      by deborasumopayroll ·

      In reply to How IoT healthcare solutions helps to fight against covid 19?

      Let’s have a look at some of the example where IoT is being used to monitor the pandemic.

      Connected thermometers
      Connected thermometers are being used by hospitals to screen patients and staff. Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (SPHCC) along with seven other hospitals throughout China are currently using continuous temperature sensors to monitor COVID-19 patients to reduce the risks of hospital staffs. This device has been built by California-based connected health startup VivaLNK’s.

      Smart Wearable
      Researchers at IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia have designing sensorized suits that can monitor human body parameters. The smartband alert users when their body temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees.

      IoT Buttons
      Visionstate designed its first Internet of Things buttons which is being used by hospitals in Vancouver. The buttons are called Wanda QuickTouch that addresses the need for rapid deployment in a facility of any size. The IoT buttons send instant alerts to management advising of any cleaning or maintenance issues that may pose risks to public safety. The technology enables facility managers to track alerts and staff response times, as well as monitor regular cleaning activities in the high-traffic areas. The button monitor alerts issued by staff or the general public and can be adhered to any surface and requires no infrastructure to operate.

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      mHealth is redefining healthcare

      by nancybatespro ·

      In reply to How IoT healthcare solutions helps to fight against covid 19?

      Mobile devices have revamped the human lives exponentially, practically inventing processes across every industry- from education to retail, manufacturing to finance. In today’s day and age when healthcare is a key priority that the world has its eyes set on, technology has helped in every possible way- from helping manage chronic diseases to fighting a pandemic. mHealth or mobile health has been redefining healthcare since the past decade and there’re several ways healthcare has been redefined with the help of mHealth.

      Here’s How mHealth Redefines Healthcare:

      1) Patient Vital Tracking – mHealth enables patients to keep a track of their daily progress, medications, activities and vitals such as heart rate via intuitive apps.

      2) Streamlined Data Access – The patient data is centralized and can be readily accessed over the cloud.

      3) Enabling Telemedicine – Telemedicine powered with mHealth apps enables healthcare providers to extend consultation over the air, via video chats and encrypted document sharing.

      4) Apps for Contact Tracing/Detecting Outbreaks – Spreading spree, contact tracing apps can help in understanding the micro-geographies where the infection could have been passed on to and quick actions can be taken to alert the citizens and prevent an outbreak.

      5) Accessible Medical Care – Mhealth is using mobile technology in every possible way to support healthcare and apps like Google Maps or Google lenses can help the patients in finding the closest healthcare center, hospital, or specialized provider.

      6) Reduced Costs – mHealth enables patients to access the best point-at-source medical care irrespective of geographical location, they can save on unnecessary costs on misleading treatments.

      Closing lines…

      mHealth is the futuristic approach to healthcare and might very soon catch up in the countries where it already hasn’t. Along with several of its benefits, mHealth also ushers inpatient data security and compliance challenges that have to be carefully addressed on the healthcare provider end of the spectrum. With an MDM for healthcare, these security challenges can be addressed and compliance can be ensured.

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      AI in Healthcare

      by nuaig_ai ·

      In reply to How IoT healthcare solutions helps to fight against covid 19?

      IoT technology has changed our lives for the better. From smart homes to smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) has disrupted every aspect of our daily life. Now, the IoT is being leveraged to revolutionize healthcare. What role does the IoT play in fighting covid19? How can it improve outcomes?

      The coronavirus pandemic has brought forward new challenges and opportunities for IoT healthcare solutions. As the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, IoT innovations have helped us combat the spread of the virus.

      1. An IoT sensor can help monitor the temperature of patients at home, detect any changes in their body condition and provide early warnings.

      2. A mobile app can help doctors keep track of patient’s health conditions and take preventive measures accordingly.

      3. A telemedicine solution can help connect medical experts across the globe to patients, thereby providing best possible care.

      4. A cloud-based system can help store data from various sensors on a single platform, enabling real time analysis and generating actionable insights.

      5. Data analytics tools can help analyze and interpret large amounts of information and predict trends to proactively prevent future outbreaks.

      6. AI and machine learning algorithms can use this data to create predictive models and make informed decisions based on past events

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      Reply To: How IoT healthcare solutions helps to fight against covid 19?

      by steve david ·

      In reply to How IoT healthcare solutions helps to fight against covid 19?

      IOT in healthcare plays an very important role in Covid-19 also.
      1. IoT is to introduce intelligent connected devices, which can easily monitor the health condition of the patients,
      take the accurate readings, observe patterns and send alerts for any imperfection in the pattern. This support can indicate the onset of any disease.
      2. The patient can easily wear the device like a watch. It won’t create any uneasiness.
      He/she will stay connected to the device, through which the health condition can be monitored easily.

      3. healthcare has evolved to a different level. One of the best examples of IoT healthcare solutions is the development of RLTS- Real-Time Location System.

      4.Hospitals utilize this RTLS to track staffs, patients and devices.RTLS gives complete access to control all the activities of a hospital on their app.

      5. Even if a patient is waiting for the physician, an alert will pop up in the physician’s app to do the needful.

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