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How Iraq benefits from Western "Democracy"

By jardinier ·

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a bit dated.... Where have they been?

by dawgit In reply to How Iraq benefits from We ...

-or- Why now?
I see it's now PC and 'safe' to talk about this now. How nice. After, (what? about) 4 years now, it's being mentioned. tsk-tsk on them.
That was far too long a time to have this going on with-out these same people saying anything. Four years of damage to the people in Iraq, not to mention the damage to America's image, while people chose to hide their head in the Sand. -d

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I'm hoping that it's not my sand that you refer to!

by deepsand In reply to a bit dated.... Where hav ...

It's never been "politically correct" in this country to disagree with a Republican administration's policies, both foreign and domestic, regards to issues involving military actions, civil rights, etc.. To do so is to be quickly labeled a "traitor."

Just take a look at max's violent attacks on me in the past for daring to suggest that our incursion into Iraq was ill advised, poorly planned and badly executed, or for suggesting that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions applied to the treatment of those detained by Coalition forces.

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Your Sand? :0

by dawgit In reply to I'm hoping that it's not ...

Oh-No :0 I was speeking of 'sand' in general.
Besides, if people were sticking their heads in (up) your sand, I believe you would have been the first to notice. :^0
(:0 uhhh. the pain.)
Have a good week.... -d

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Well, I'm so numb from the cold, that ...

by deepsand In reply to Your Sand? :0

it's possible that it's happened without my being aware of it! When I get home, I'll have to grab a hand mirror and check.

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Perhaps we could get sven-no-name to offer a Biblical justification

by drowningnotwaving In reply to How Iraq benefits from We ...

I'm sure he could.

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Or, sn53.

by deepsand In reply to Perhaps we could get sven ...

No doubt he'd claim that only "Islamofacists" are being so treated; and, that they deserve all that they get.

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