How is networking in domain model different than workgroup in accessing nod

By mohitume ·
in workgroup, account is necessary in each computer after that we can use it drive formatting/partition etc. in domain when we can login any computer what happens when we change in 1 pc what power we can have in domain to manage local resources and in domain what control user can have? list please. (2) active dir stores users pc printers etc- why we need active directory why admin require to locate a object/resource in 5000. how do we use active directory stored info (user name/group/printers/attributes/ in real scene.

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Good heavans.

by seanferd In reply to How is networking in doma ...

Aside from the fact that no one here is going to do your homework for you, the homework itself is awful, and full of unnecessary assumptions. In extremely poorly constructed sentences.

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Great Ohioans help example

by mohitume In reply to Good heavans.

but i am going to tag all US people unhelpful.
you could simply save your time by not posting reply. As for my sentences this not a grammar forum is it ? or i am making some mistake by name Techrepublic ?

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Great good God, Delhi

by santeewelding In reply to Great Ohioans help exampl ...
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No, you are making mistake that we do your homework for you.

by seanferd In reply to Great Ohioans help exampl ...

We don't.

The comment has nothing to do with grammar or syntax. The sentences devolve into sheer incoherence.

<i>but i am going to tag all US people unhelpful.</i>

Fantastic. And I'll tag everyone in the NCT of Delhi as <i>so</i> lucky to have a prospective future system administrator as you.

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Tag your it

by IC-IT In reply to Great Ohioans help exampl ...

But definately not IT.

Do you folks not get study materials or pay attention in class? Or is it that you simply waited till the last second and didn't prepare. Now you want some strangers to do all your work for you. :-(

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Basically, what you're asking is, "What is AD, or an x500 Directory System?"

I just have two words for you;
Google, Wikipedia, TechNet, microsoft.com, the Internet, a library...

All very good sources of the info you are requesting.

May I also suggest a Fundamentals to Networking class or a Windows Systems Admin course...

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