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    How is Tek Systems?


    by sda ·

    I recently took a job offer from a company named Tek Systems located in NJ. Can anyone let me know if they have dealt with this company before and if they are good to their consultants.

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      Re how is TeK Systems

      by fkane17 ·

      In reply to How is Tek Systems?

      Tek System has been good to me.
      They sent me to a bank as a consultant ( support analyst 2) for three months.

      Now I am full time employee with that bank.
      I still maintain contact with Tek System recruters.

      It is a good company.

      Good luck.

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      Tek Systems

      by mrbill- ·

      In reply to How is Tek Systems?

      I have done a few jobs with them, they never did me wrong. They even express mailed me my paycheck.

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        Getting Better

        by tennesseetuxedo ·

        In reply to Tek Systems

        I haven’t worked for them, but I’ve brought in people from the company to work for me and the biggest complaint I hear is lack of benefits (vacation time, medical, dental, etc…) but I’ve seen that get better over the past few years. Some say the pay is a little low, but that too is improving. All in all, I’d say it’s a pretty good company

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