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    How is the career field for CCNA’s?


    by webmaster ·

    The recent question on the CCIE certification has made me wonder about the CCNA cert. I’m starting at a community college and working towards my CCNA, MCSE, A+, and C-tech. My first class is on the CCNA which I’ve chosen to work towards first. I’m wondering about he salary range, career opportunities of someone graduating with an AS in Networking?

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      How is the career field for CCNA’s?

      by dmiles ·

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      The salary with college education will give you a plus in the field at a entry level position,like other certifications and no real world expierence gives the employer an upper hand it how they will negoiate salary,yet the area you are in may provide you with a oppurtunity to demand a good salary in the mid 40’s.Do some research and see what present salary ranges are,right now concentrate on the task at hand and you will get what you want.

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