How is Windows Server OS different from the regular Windows 10 Home/Pro OS?

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I'm currently looking into using SAP B.One for my company and I've been told that we will need Windows Sever OS for the server and we will need to buy a certain number of CAL and RDS for the domain and remote users. All my user PCs have Windows 10 OS installed on them. Should I need to purchase further licenses as well? What will be the purpose?
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That's a bad sign.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How is Windows Server OS ...

The seller or consultant should have explained all this. So I'll keep it short.
1. For the clients that will access the apps on the Windows Server OS via a domain the clients will run Windows Pro.

2. For access via remote such as a web page then Home should be fine.
Don't be surprised if the seller/consultant calls out Pro for all.

3. Your post's question does not match your post's questions but yes, Windows Server OS is not Windows 10 Home/Pro OS. There are too many differences to tackle in this small space and it may not matter since the SAP system should be on the server anyway.

My advice is to start with a minimum number of CALs then add as the server or such complains. Don't overbuy licenses.

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