How ISA server get ip changes from DHCP automatically

By ranishlal ·
I using ISA 2006 installed in one server and DNS & DHCP installed in
another. I using dynamic IPs for all of my client computers. My
Problem is, ISA server connot detect the ip address changes from the
DHCP server automatically.
If anybody know the solution please help me

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by sujay_cp In reply to How ISA server get ip cha ...


Why do you want to keep dynamic ip address for the ISA server, microsoft clearly mention that the ip should be static. if you want to assign dynamic ip to ISA then how will you take control of the proxy????.

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use static address on ISA NICs

by CG IT In reply to How ISA server get ip cha ...

does anyone ever read the tech material and books anymore?

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I have the same problem!

by martin8777 In reply to use static address on ISA ...

I know exactly what he means. It's not the ISA server NICs he's referring to as DHCP but the clients connecting through the ISA to the internet.
The problem I get is that the ISA server is not recording correctly which PC name was using which IP address on a given day.
We run out of IP addresses quite quickly here so have them on a very short lease of 2 days so if I do a monthly ISA report, then 10 pcs could in theory have used one IP address in that month but the ISA report logs it all under the first PC name to use it.

basically the ISA server is not keeping up to date with who has been assigned what IP by the DHCP server.

any ideas?

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