how it work 15 with 8gb?

By pounehda ·
if i buy laptop i5 with 8gb ,is it use 8gb or less than that?

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Depends on the OS in use here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how it work 15 with 8gb?

If it's a 32 Bit OS it can not use any more than somewhere around the 3.25 GIG of RAM and this includes Video RAM.

If it's a 64 Bit OS it can use all of the installed 8 GIG and much more if the NB actually can carry any more RAM.

Though if this is any help with all the NB's I sell now I only have a 64 Bit OS installed and I don't have any Windows 7 System go out with under 8 GIG of RAM installed. I would fit more but unfortunately the current generation of most NB's can not carry any more they are Hardware Limited to that as a Maximum Amount of RAM

Windows 7 64 Bit Flies with 24 GIG of RAM installed and works wonderfully. Even with 8 GIG it's no where near as good as it is with 24 GIG. Also if you buy a NB you need a Cooling pad as they do run hot doesn't matter the brand all NB's run Hot and need a Cooling pad like the one shown here

If you don't use a NB Cooler expect to make use of the warranty and the unit to die much sooner than if you use a Cooler.


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by n.davis In reply to how it work 15 with 8gb?

Yes, if your computer has Windows 7 and an i5, more than likely it will be 64 bit and 8GB is PLENTY! The guy talking about 24gb is wrong. Unless you're running virtual machines- 8gb is plenty. Even 4 is great for most home users. I have 8 in my laptop and it works flawless.

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