How Live Ip connected machine can be accessed through internet

By dearitsraj ·
How Live IP connected machine can be accessed over internet accessing files.

or how to use that machine as file server

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Easiest is probably

by oldbaritone In reply to How Live Ip connected mac ...

a commercial subscription product like "GoToMyPC", if it is available to you.

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You could also play with dynamic dns

by TobiF In reply to How Live Ip connected mac ...

You could also play with

With an accound at dyndns, you set up a computer name, like (if it is available). Within certain limits, this is free of charge.

Then an application on your computer (or your router) will update a this dynamic entry whenever the ip-address changes.

So, from your client, you'll connect to your dynamic address, which by dyndns will be translated to the latest known ip address.

Things to have in mind:
If you have a router, make sure your server has a fixed address on the internal network and corresponding ports are correctly forwarded. (FTP is a bit nasty, since it may use more than one port)

Check that your ISP doesn't block incoming traffic on the relevant ports. In that case, you might try to have your server listen on a high port number, but this can be a bit tricky.

And: Be very diligent regarding security. If you put up a listening server, it WILL be ponded upon. Make sure all updates are in place, your password is something that is not only hard to remember, but even to long and nasty to enter by hand...
And consider adding a layer of encryption.
Another approach could be this:
- Get a openwrt/dd-wrt compliant router
- Install server-side vpn on it (typically, openvpn server)
- Still: use dyndns to find your router among all millions of ip addresses...
- Use (Open)VPN to connect securely to your home network from anywhere. Ta-da. Now you're on your own local network. Usual shares will work. (Just one reminder, don't print to your printer at home without warning your spouse, or they may be scared, when the printer next to them suddenly starts printing... This one I know from experience... :) )

In any case, you will need more advice along the road. That's why we're here.

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What I do...

by TobiF In reply to You could also play with ...

I'll tell you what I usually do. (I haven't done the vpn solution yet, but probably will soon)

I use logmein.

They have a paid product, which allows you to directly copy files.

But logmein free is enough for me. When I (rarely) need to move files, I login to my secone skype account on the other computer and transfer them that way...

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