How long should it take to replace nework servers and transfer all user dat

By mneal67 ·
We are planning to replace our old servers with a blade center and with Virtual servers using VM ware. We have about 220 users. Essentially the hardware is in place and the virtual machines configured.

I would like an idea of how long would be reasonable to test, do minor configurations and do the transfers, Data and Mail.

I want to know because I think I am being played, The network boys have been playing with this for 4 months and they want another month....I am looking for a reality check.

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Normal practice involves running in tandem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How long should it take t ...

For a period of time, until it can be realistically established that the new system is capable of taking over from the old one.

There is very little point in switching over one night after all the users go home, then part way through the next working day the entire network falls apart - and the old servers are gone.

Unless the network guys are following another train of thought, I'd imagine that's what they've been doing (a bit at a time).

Without knowing the topology of your system as it exists on the ground, there is little more I can contribute.

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Just some very general observations here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How long should it take t ...

As already pointed out it is incredibly stupid to remove a working system and hope that the new untested system will do the job.

Normally when Systems are replaced you run them in Tandem and initially use the old system to do the work while the new system runs in the background duplicating the old system. After a certain period of time they switch to the new system to do the real work while retaining the old system in case of problems.

As to how long things take this all depends on how complicated the system and work are. I have seen small business switched overnight with only minimal problems from my prospective but I'll admit that they didn't do any work for several days till that Little problem was fixed. I've seen some suppliers take several months to work out bugs in small systems and several years for Large systems or even several years for small complicated systems.

Here it all depends on what is wanted from the new system and how well the old system performed it's function. But one thing I can say with certainty is the more you cut corners the more that it's eventually going to cost the company to fix up properly. I have seen cases where Accountants in an effort to save funds have bankrupted a company by stupid penny pinching decisions and while the company ended up in receivership they did save several hundred thousand $.

Wasn't a good way to save money in my books but then again I take the Long Term View and don't worry about what things cost today if they are not working 100% perfectly or are Mission Critical.

If this is any help one Government Department here is still using the Old System 10 years after they renewed it with a newer system which will need replacing before it gets commissioned. That entire mess is caused by Bureaucrats making the wrong decisions in an attempt to save a few $ and costing the Government much more.

But by all means if you think you are being strung along just insist that they pull the old out and go with the new if the new works they where playing you for a fool but if it doesn't they where attempting to do the right thing by all concerned. I can speak from past experience that running 2 different systems in parallel is painful and not something that you want to prolong needlessly. But I'm lazy and not into self Mutation so maybe I'm wrong there. :^0


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