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    How long should it take?


    by serverstudent ·

    Worst case scenario, what would be a valid time frame to rebuild an exchange server from tape backup if the datastore and server is corrupted?

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      How Long should it take?

      by gibsonhl2001 ·

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      I have work with people that have work on a currupted server and it has taken form 1 to 7 days. On the average from what I have seen out of 23 restores from a coruppted database 3-4 days have been the average. This has been working very closely with other Exchange Administrators and we are talking about 45Gigs of database.

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        We might be different..

        by bob.hall ·

        In reply to How Long should it take?

        When the Nimda came out, it wrecked my Exchange 5.5 box, DB was about 23GB. I had to do alot more than just recover/rebuild the OS and Exchange, but I was able to do it in about 48hrs. Soup to nuts. I ended up restoring the DB about 6 times due to different reasons, but we use Tivoli storage management for backups and to restore 23GB was only taking about 30 min. I would say that if you didn’t run into any uncommon problems and there is no data corruption you should be able to do it reasonablyin two days.


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