How long to retain terminated users in AD?

By brett.yader ·
Is there a "best practices" guideline anywhere out there? I work for a construction company with about 400 users, and of course we've been going through large layoffs. I'm taking over some day-to-day management of AD and we have a disabled users OU that has hundreds of old employees.

I've asked around the IT department and no one knows why we keep all of these users. I know we want to keep their mailboxes for a few months, but will deleting them from AD delete them from Exchange?

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to answer the Exchange question

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Easiest method, leave the account disabled, use delegates so that you can get into the mail box.

Best practice is one that you come up with. There are a lot of variables here. Legal as well as just administrative. If a user has a lot of sales contacts that have been delegated to another sales guy, then you would keep the mailbox around for a while so that leads sent to the old sales guys doesn't get lost.

Other users might have different reasons for keeping around. You might want to ensure no intellectual property was sent to unauthorized parties via email.

Blah blah so, you can see best practice is the one that works for you.

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