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How long would you work on a computer?

By zlitocook ·
I answered a tech question about some one working on a computer for another person. He was trying to clean out a virus, spyware, malware etc.
I said I now give two hours tops on fixing/ cleaning a computer for friends. Because for friends I do it at a much lower rate if not free. Free depends on how good a friend they are!

If the person tells me that they do not care how long it takes, they just want thier computer back, I tell them it may not be worth it because some virus/ Trojans change files and programs.

I give all computers two hours if I can not restore it to a normal condition I tell them that.
I give them the choice to take it to a store and let them contact the stores in the area. Most of the time the stores will tell them it will be four to six weeks before they can even let them know if they can fix the computer.

I let them know that I will try to save any data that I can and reinstall thier software.

How long do you give a computer repair job? Even if you are being paid to do it?

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For software fixes

by mjd420nova In reply to How long would you work o ...

I usually try not to spend any more than 3 hours attempting to get the software right, whether for free, discount, or barter. If cash is involved, I do my best for as long as they want me to. When all else fails, a recovery of data and such shouldn't take more than 2 hours, using either USB drives, or a second drive, and even sometimes a CD drive. Hardware seldom takes more than an hour to nail down the bad part and replace it.

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2 hours is about right :)

by Deadly Ernest In reply to How long would you work o ...

In my experience if you cannot 'clean' the operating system and the software in two hours then you should be looking to save data and rebuild. With Win 2K and Win XP I reduce this to one hour AFTER trying the 'Restore' function. In the past I have fought with a badly infected machine for days and found no improvement beyond the poinr reached after about 90 minutes work.

If possible I use the rebuild to partition the drive with C: drive having only the operating system from then on and ensure that 'Restore' is set and operational if the OS has it.

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I am confused by your two hours

by jdclyde In reply to How long would you work o ...

It can take longer than two hours to run AV/spyware/malware scans.

Depending on how bad the problem is, I recommend a wipe and load and chalk that up as three hours of my time, IF they have the driver disks. Add an hour if I have to download them. (a computer sitting there installing windoze does not count as time I spend on it)

I also insist on taking the computer with me and work on it as I do other things.

If this is a "professional" job that I HAVE to sit in someones house or business, the clock ticks from the time I leave the house to the time I get home and takes as long as it takes.

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did you think it should be minutes - -??

by gadgetgirl In reply to I am confused by your two ...


Absolutely ir-re-sist-a-bubble!!


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Well, that would depend on what

by jdclyde In reply to [i] [b] did you think it ...

"it" you are refering to?


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I love to see the look on their faces

by Neil Higgins In reply to Well, that would depend o ...

when after fidling with the OS,laughing my socks off,at their lack of security,then smashing it to bits with a sledgehammer!!!
Nope...can't be fixed..I say! is 06/06/06

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Muhahaha pleased to meet you

by zlitocook In reply to I love to see the look on ...

Hope you guess my name
Ah, what?s puzzling you?
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Im a man of wealth and taste
Is just the nature of my game?
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Cause Im in need of some restraint
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I?ll lay your soul to waste, um yeah
Well the users all ran out of the building and I just stood there and laughed
And this was just an update to XP! Just wait for a major upgrade :)

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sympathy for zlito

by kingofallisee In reply to Muhahaha pleased to meet ...

Thank God there are still Stones fans that can still be twisted and understood.

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any industry standards

by rpoccia In reply to I love to see the look on ...

I know when i go to a mechanic an tell me they are going to fix a part there is a book that tells them how many hours it will take. As a result a fast mechanic will finish before that time a bad one after. In the end i am only paying labor based off the book time hours. Is there something in the computer industry that is the same. For example 2 hours to reinstall an os. 20 min to reinstall a dvd drive etc.

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I agree with you but

by zlitocook In reply to I am confused by your two ...

I have most of this down to a science, if they have an anti viral installed and it is up to date. You can check logs, check the event viewer, check start up logs. Look at the IE cache, history and see if it starts with the saved or default page.
Run SFC, check installed programs and add/remove programs.
Run stinger from safe mode, I have all of my scanners on a write protected USB drive (it is a bootable 40-gig drive, with Bartpe and has an independent Internet connection, email and av.).
This drive is faster then most hard drives I love the way it works! It runs on system memory and creates a virtual drive to down load and run av. and other programs.
I give two hours because I have worked on a ton of computers and if you round off the time it takes to work on computers some were ten hours, some were just a matter of going back to a restore point. So I picked two hours, you need a stop point because a good tech. will run them selves into the ground trying to fix a computer! Set a stopping point and stick to it.

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