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how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

By mxwa_2000 ·
Hello all

Ive been asked, an also wonder myself, if we can setup more than one antivirus in the pc or server. Is it recommended to have more than one antivirus installed?? maybe one like Norton and another one for local virus??? or with one is more than enough???

What do you guys suggest or recommend??


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More than one

We use Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition for all of our servers and PC's. As long as the definitions are updated frequently, one antivirus product on your PC and server operating systems should be enough. In fact, more than one may conflict with each other. We have enough trouble configuring handling real-time scanning conflicts with server software (like domain controllers and Exchange).

We do take many extra precautions with e-mail. E-mail coming in from outside our company is filtered through Postini's content service. Postini delivers messages to our SMTP gateway where it is scanned by Trend Micro's Interscan Messaging Security Suite. Once it passes through the SMTP gateway, our Exchange servers have Trend Micro's ScanMail installed which scans and filters once again. ScanMail also provides the filtering for internal email. Once the message is delivered to the recipient, Symantec AV provides a final real-time scan.

This may seem like overkill, but knock on wood we have not had a virus outbreak yet.

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All you need is ClamAV

by jmgarvin In reply to how many antivirus can we ...
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All Your Eggs in One Basket

by rkuhn In reply to All you need is ClamAV

Now that's a great idea!

Nuff said...

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ClamAV: No on-access scanner yet. ... Don't think so.

by shamusoneil06 In reply to All you need is ClamAV

You can setup an on-execuse scanner with ClamAV using WinPooch, but that is still not on-access.

Saying that all you need is ClamAV is a bit irresponsible. When ClamAV gets an on-access scanner, then we can talk about it being the only scanner on the computer. Until then, let's be realistic.

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yes and no

by apotheon In reply to ClamAV: No on-access scan ...

ClamWin doesn't do realtime scans of the on-access type, last I checked. ClamAV, however, can be used for such, by way of additional managment utilities.

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Try this, can integrated with clam av engine

by jetznet In reply to All you need is ClamAV
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Love TrendMicro

by jdgretz In reply to how many antivirus can we ...

If you are using a single server solution to your email (windows based) and data, then I can't think of a better solution than the TrendMicro suite of products. Centrally managed and also manage the desktop. I've been doing this stuff for way too many years and have seen just about every variation under the sun. I like the way Trend's products just work - no muss, no fuss, just work. Of course having an appliance taking a first pass before the traffic gets to the servers is nice as well.

I like products that do what they say they will and do not require a lot of babysitting.

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The Russian make it Better

by descartes In reply to how many antivirus can we ...

I think there is a little bit complicaiton if you
try to install more than one AV in one machine.
One thing you can do is you install two AV in a different machine and use each one to scan for each other through your INTRANET network. For example your mapping drive Z: (in the other computer) you can right click on it and choose scan. (Kaspersky can do that)

So if you ask me...
There is only one AV i trust. Made in Russia.
It is heavy load for your server, but it worthed
since it have a unique algorithms (take a litte bit more resources thou) in protecting your server.

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One per machine, multiple brands

by CharlieSpencer In reply to how many antivirus can we ...

I wouldn't run more than one per machine. They sometimes gripe about each other, and the additional scanning will start to eat into system overhead.

Consider one brand of AV for your servers and a different brand for your client PCs.

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Only one, but different ones in different places

by Cactus Pete In reply to how many antivirus can we ...


The desktops have one.

The Exchange servers have a different one.

The regular servers have another vendor.

The Proxy server has yet another.

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