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    how many antivirus can we have at the same time??


    by mxwa_2000 ·

    Hello all

    Ive been asked, an also wonder myself, if we can setup more than one antivirus in the pc or server. Is it recommended to have more than one antivirus installed?? maybe one like Norton and another one for local virus??? or with one is more than enough???

    What do you guys suggest or recommend??


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      More than one

      by billbohlen@hallmarkchannl ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      We use Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition for all of our servers and PC’s. As long as the definitions are updated frequently, one antivirus product on your PC and server operating systems should be enough. In fact, more than one may conflict with each other. We have enough trouble configuring handling real-time scanning conflicts with server software (like domain controllers and Exchange).

      We do take many extra precautions with e-mail. E-mail coming in from outside our company is filtered through Postini’s content service. Postini delivers messages to our SMTP gateway where it is scanned by Trend Micro’s Interscan Messaging Security Suite. Once it passes through the SMTP gateway, our Exchange servers have Trend Micro’s ScanMail installed which scans and filters once again. ScanMail also provides the filtering for internal email. Once the message is delivered to the recipient, Symantec AV provides a final real-time scan.

      This may seem like overkill, but knock on wood we have not had a virus outbreak yet.

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      All you need is ClamAV

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      ’nuff said.

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      Love TrendMicro

      by jdgretz ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      If you are using a single server solution to your email (windows based) and data, then I can’t think of a better solution than the TrendMicro suite of products. Centrally managed and also manage the desktop. I’ve been doing this stuff for way too many years and have seen just about every variation under the sun. I like the way Trend’s products just work – no muss, no fuss, just work. Of course having an appliance taking a first pass before the traffic gets to the servers is nice as well.

      I like products that do what they say they will and do not require a lot of babysitting.

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      The Russian make it Better

      by descartes ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      I think there is a little bit complicaiton if you
      try to install more than one AV in one machine.
      One thing you can do is you install two AV in a different machine and use each one to scan for each other through your INTRANET network. For example your mapping drive Z: (in the other computer) you can right click on it and choose scan. (Kaspersky can do that)

      So if you ask me…
      There is only one AV i trust. Made in Russia.
      by KASPERSKY Lab.
      It is heavy load for your server, but it worthed
      since it have a unique algorithms (take a litte bit more resources thou) in protecting your server.

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      One per machine, multiple brands

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      I wouldn’t run more than one per machine. They sometimes gripe about each other, and the additional scanning will start to eat into system overhead.

      Consider one brand of AV for your servers and a different brand for your client PCs.

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      Only one, but different ones in different places

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??


      The desktops have one.

      The Exchange servers have a different one.

      The regular servers have another vendor.

      The Proxy server has yet another.

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      by jonathanpdx ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      I once heard a catchy little phrase, “Opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one and they all stink.” Much the same can be said about anti-virus programs. I run one actively, but scan with others occasionally just to make sure. They don’t all need to be running concurrently (that’s not a good idea) but nothing says you can’t fire one up to scan a file or group of files on the fly. I’ve encountered times when a few AV apps didn’t catch a thing, yet a scan by another found multiple instances of infection. Doesn’t mean that those first few didn’t work, it just means that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket and depend on a single provider.

      Remember, good security and good sense are your best weapons.

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      AV plus AntiSpy/Adware

      by raven2 ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      Multiple AV running / scanning at bootup is a very bad idea. Having a second AV program to scan on demand has its merits. Don’t forget to see if your AV will also protect against Spy/Adware threats. Some do some don’t. The same for IM. Close all the doors (ports) you are not using and watch the ones that you have open.

      If you are dealing with home desktops, watchout for teenagers, what one does not know someone in their group of friends does. The most fouled up machines I have seen are ones where teenagers have downloaded virus and adware infested junk programs.

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      More than one

      by jack-m ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      I use Norton, Spybot and MS anti spyware in conjunction with each other. Running WinXP for almost a year I’ve had no problems, conflicts or viruses. It takes a few minutes but so far it’s kept me trouble free and I use my computer on the web at least 30 hours a week in a professional capacity. Good luck.

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      Not recommended

      by dbucyk ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      The reason behind this is that one, it will take a huge amount of system CPU, network bandwidth, etc. to run them. But the main reason is conflicts. You can install two different ones, but your system may not respond properly or may respond but you’ll get more system problems.

      I don’t know exactly why, but I believe it is the code that they write the antivirus software with.

      If you want a really excellent antirus software, go with MicroTrends PC-Cillin software.

      PC World has rated it as the best in 2005.

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      can we have more than one antivirus at the same time?

      by singhsantosh87 ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      hello roger here ….and i would like to tell you that the answer is NO……i work for dell technical support and i specialize in spyware and virus tech support….the worst that u can do to ur system is installing more than one antivirus with FIREWALL…please underline the words….its not the antiviruses that are cause for the problem.but its the firewall that can disable ur internet connection and many other applications…and by far the best that we can recommend is grisoft avg antivirus and webroot spysweeper …where the former is a antivirus and the latter is a antispyware…trial versions for both of them can be downloaded from

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      Multiple AV’s can attack each other

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      so you have to be careful.

      They see the virus definitions from the other AV and they do not play nicely.

      I wouldn’t even consider having more than one loaded at a time.

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        often, not always

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to Multiple AV’s can attack each other

        Poorly designed AV software does that sort of thing all the time. AV software from Symantec, Sophos, and McAfee are notorious for that behavior. Something designed to avoid being a problem, like ClamWin and AVG, however, plays well with others (as long as those others aren’t from a company like Symantec). That’s why I have no hesitations about recommending both AVG and ClamWin on the same system.

        It’s likely that large corporations whose AV software conflicts with other AV software do it on purpose, in an attempt to keep customers exclusive to their software. Of course, all they’re really doing is losing customers who prefer the other company’s AV software — unless their software just sucks so badly in comparison to something else that they know they’d lose customers. Come to think of it, that’s probably exactly why they do it.

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      Multiple Engine Antivirus Solutions are Available

      by jeffgaron ·

      In reply to how many antivirus can we have at the same time??

      OPSWAT provides a variety of multiple engine antivirus scanning solutions, enabling you to multi-scan content quickly and efficiently with numerous engines.

      Check it out at

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