How many network experts would be required for these requirements?

By usmanhafeezkh ·

I belongs to software development industry, networking is a new field for me, my customer wants me to hire networking experts for the requirements mentioned below. (i can provide more details if you want)

Virtual Machines (Window & Linux): 60
MS SQL Management : 5
Firewall VM (In HA) - Barracuda NG Firewall Version 7.0 : 2
Azure SQL PaaS instances: 2
Azure Backup Management: 62
Azure Security Center: 62
VAPT: External IP 1 & Internal IP 1 (Assumption)
VPN: 3

I would really appreciate if you share your expert opinion to answer following questions:
1) how many people can manage this all?
2) Manager/Team lead would be required?
3) What certifications should i keep in mind before hiring right candidate?

Thank you!
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More information

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to How many network experts ...

Is this going to be centered at a single or multiple site ? Do you want network experts at more than one site ? Too much information still needed to offer advice.

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One or many.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How many network experts ...

I've seen such where one person reports to the CIO and they send out techs (experts?) as needed. Since we can't know what skill levels or if you hire when required when there is more work such as moving an office to another location then the question can't be answered.

-> Beyond that I'm sure you are reading about the "digital transformation" in some companies where the office and the IT is being wiped out (as in demolished!)

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Additional advice

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to How many network experts ...

If you aren't certain what specific is needed or how many folks you need to properly staff with network support, hire an IT consulting specialist to perform an analysis based on your available budget. Impossible to get a definitive answer on an internet forum like this.

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