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how many of you uses Zone Alarm??

By DeN inc. ·

Well, although zone alarm is a really good software firewall, but I must admit that it irritates me. It keeps blocking almost everything i do.

Do you guys have the same prob??
I just removed it from my comp.. woo hoo!

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You didn't configure it

by Dr Dij In reply to how many of you uses Zone ...

the second time a prog asks to visit the net, it asks you with a checkbox to remember the setting and it won't ask you again for that app.

It's one of the few software that can prevent spyware from 'dialing home', most other firewalls only prevent incoming. Tho I hear there's no longer a free version available.

Another nice feature is network shutdown, if checked will block all net activity when your screensaver comes on, don't use if you're ftp'ing humongous amount of files to your website or doing big slow download.

Before I had a cable router, it was more useful, blocking my computer from responding to pings.

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ZoneAlarm Configuration

by AcesKaraoke In reply to You didn't configure it

I've had some problems with ZoneAlarm only with it's popup advisor telling me about incoming attacks. You can turn off the popups, which doesn't turn off your protection, but helps you to be able to type and input info without having to answer the the alert popups. The fact that the popups are coming up so frequently as to interfere with your getting things done just means that there's a lot of traffic trying to access your computer, which means taking off your firewall wouldn't be the best move, just turn off the alerts, and know your still protected.

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Don't go online without it!

by TheChas In reply to how many of you uses Zone ...

In this day and age of mal-ware, I even recommend a firewall for dial-up users.

I assume that you were using the free version of Zone Alarm.

Part of the marketing that Zone Labs is using to encourage users to switch to Zone Alarm Pro is by making it more work to configure the free version than the Pro version.

Of course, another possibility is that you are visiting web sites that are heavily infested with mal-ware and Zone Alarm is just trying to perform it's task of protecting your computer.

Any firewall requires that you setup your list of permitted and restricted web sites.

Take some time, and learn how to configure your firewall, and you will be able to both browse where you want, and protect your computer.


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TheChas provides excellent advice

by maxwell edison In reply to Don't go online without i ...

ZoneAlarm might be a PITA to configure, but it's not really that bad. Like American Express, don't leave home without it.

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Not clever

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to how many of you uses Zone ...

I get attempted hacks on my PC every day. My firewall kicks 'em out. I did use Zone Alarm but I fell out with it in terms of configuring.
Try Sygate Personal Firewall, free, easy to set up.
P.S. whan it asks you can say Yes No Always and never. Every time it does ask you are dealing with a potential threat to your security.

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Never surf without a firewall!

by jmgarvin In reply to how many of you uses Zone ...

Man, going on the net without a firewall is like driving your car without a steering wheel.

You HAVE to have a firewall or you will be infested with all kinds of malware withing minutes.

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what about the standard windows firewall??

by DeN inc. In reply to Never surf without a fire ...

i'm sure at least it provides some basic security?

well, I usually run adwares,spywares, registry cleaners every few days to clean up those malwares.

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very basic

by glenp5 In reply to what about the standard w ...

I use ZoneAlarm security suite and I am VERY happy with it . One of the features of ZA firewall is that it completely stealths all of your ports so none are visable on the net . You just have to configure the fwall or set the security level lower .

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Windows "firewall"

by jmgarvin In reply to what about the standard w ...

The problem with the windows firewall is that it only filters ingress traffic, not egress. This is a boon for malware becasue they don't have to worry about finding an open port on the inside.

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Less time

by beads In reply to Never surf without a fire ...

I had forgotten that the internet connection was still on when I uninstalled Norton 2004 for Trend and in less than a minute the machine was under attack.

In 2003 it took roughly 15 minutes for someone to find you now it takes about 15 seconds.

As far as ZA goes its fine for home use but software based IDS/Firewalls are fairly easy to break if you know where to look. The good news is that home machines are rarely worth the effort. Perhaps for practice but other than that the payoff to break into home machines is fairly negligable.

- beads

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