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    How many of you went to a tech school?


    by zlitocook ·

    And were able to lever your education to get a job. Or to get a starting point to get to the job you wanted? How did you get to where you are now? Any tips or helpful ideas to folks who are tring to do the same?

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      RE How many of you went to a tech school

      by charles.freer ·

      In reply to How many of you went to a tech school?

      I went to tech school and got a job as soon as I finished. I make more than the typical college grand and I am not eighty to one hundred thousand dollars in debt. I love what I do and got a job in the field I studied for. I laugh at people who say the only way to succeed in life is to go to college. Theses people are the sheep of this world I think the only real reason to have them around is for their entertainment value.

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      Took it further

      by murfster ·

      In reply to How many of you went to a tech school?

      I went to tech school, but then transferred my credits to a local university to finish up my 4-year degree. It was much less expensive and my school loans are about half of what they would’ve been.

      I wanted to specialize in Visual Basic, so I made sure that in Tech school, I did all projects that I could in VB. I volunteered to create projects for my husband’s company.

      But if you’re fresh out of Tech school with absolutely no experience other than your test scores, you may have a problem getting a job right now. Too many senior technies are unemployed (me being one).

      Either way, good luck, and don’t forget to use job recruiters!

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      Tech School BUT…

      by t bowman ·

      In reply to How many of you went to a tech school?

      I went to a tech school, but it was 1982 and it was Electronics school. I was hired right away but the pay was low. I worked my way into Systems Adminstration early and was there 14 years building up to upper $30’s as the Top Sys Admin in a very visible and critical position. I was experienced in VMS and Unix and considered the resident expert on Windows NT (3.0, 3.1, 3.51 and 4.0 with certifications). But, they didn’t see fit to pay me what I was worth… so, I left.
      Started my own company and did ok but lost a major contract due to cut-backs. So, I’ve been searching for a long time and it has been VERY hard – even with 15 years experience – not having a 4 year degree. I believe I have finally found employment in the $60K to $70K range but it took me a LONG time.
      You, go get your IT degree and will make more out of college than I was making after 14 years. If you can go at night and get your foot in the door somewhere to gain experience, all the better. When you get to be my age (providing you are good and have kept up technically) you’ll be making very good money with a bright future (all else equal, of course 🙂

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