How many Open Ports is Normal ? I have over 100???

By quinton11 ·
Hi, I have been having issues with streaming videos, that being very slow to buffer and sometimes after being loaded completely ( indicated by Progress Bar ) the video with stat buffering in the middle of watching and will not start up again. I thought it was an issue with my internet speed so I increased my speeds twice through my provider but still having issues. I called my provider and asked why he told me to check my open ports by typing "NetStat" at the command prompt.I told him it showed A LOT. To that he said there really shouldn't be that many open and maybe I have a virus or something. That having that many ports open is probably what is causing the problem. Anyway, no virus or anything showing up in system. I downloaded the CPorts program and at the present moment it states there are over 219 ports with 10 remote connections. How many is normal. I am using a brand new computer with Windows 7. How do I know what ports are OK and what isn't. Is there a way to close these ports?
As I said I watch movies online and just started having the issue with the stream stopping and buffering in the middle of it even though it has completed the loading. Is there something in my computer set up causing this? I always empty my cache and internet history upon exiting the net, so I figure it can't be that it is full. I would like to speed up the process and once that is accomplished actually be able to watch a complete movie. I have several different media players and it happens with all of them also I use several different services for my movie viewing. Hopefully someone can help me out here. I am just an average computer user so am hoping it isn't to difficult to correct this .
Thanks to any and all who responds. I have searched the net to figure out the port issues along with the stream issue and can find no information. Oh and did a speed test on my system and my average is 9mbs download, 300kbs upload and 58 ping. Slower than my provider says it should be.

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First step

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to How many Open Ports is No ...

You have a large number of open connections.
As a first step, close all opened applications and from CPort check how many oped ports and what application is using that port.
Google the name of the exe file to know if it is a known application or a virus.

Your connection speed is excellent, you should not have trouble watching movies online, unless there is an application on your computer consuming your bandwidth.

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do you have

by .Martin. In reply to How many Open Ports is No ...

I will presume you are using windows, so:
do you have:
a firewall?

it does sound like you might have a virus of some kind. so try a couple of virus scans, and see how you go.

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Well the big thing that got my attention is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How many Open Ports is No ...

with 10 remote connections.

So what do you have remote connections to? Depending on your answer here that could be your problem as they will be consuming Bandwidth that could be slowing your system down.

Also as you said you are running Windows 7 which one and how much Memory is installed in this computer?

If you don't have a lot of RAM Installed that to could cause the Buffer to kick in and hold things up. As the Streamed Images are held in RAM of one type of another it's possible that when the Physical RAM is exhausted/full/all used up you are relying on Virtual RAM which is your HDD which is slower than the System RAM and could very well be causing this to happen.

Also what software do you have installed here?

The more that you have open and running at any single time the slower the system will be. What have you used to scan this system with as well? That is fairly important not to mention how you scanned it.

You should update your AV and Malware Scanners then reboot the system and run it in Safe Mode to do the scans correctly. If you don't do that you run the risk of not seeing something or being able to remove it.

You should have your preferred AV Product loaded and updated and make sure that it's actually working then load

Malware Bytes

Spy Bot S&amp

and Lava Soft Ad aware

Loaded updated before rebooting and scanning the system in Safe Mode. After that you can be reasonably sure that the system is clean provided that you do not tell the applications to ignore things that they pick up.


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Answers to questions

by quinton11 In reply to Well the big thing that g ...

Thanks for the responses and sorry for the delay in response.
I am running Windows 7 64 bit with Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50 Mhz, 6 GB Ram. I haven't installed a lot of software on here pretty much just what it came with. I did install DivX and Flash Player. I do have Spy Bot and Ad Aware
I have done all the scans and nothing is showing up. I don't understand the remote connections or why they are there. I have not tried the Safe Mode scan yet and will do that right away.I will download Mal Ware Bytes and try that out. Let you know what happens and thanks for the help all.

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I hope you mean

by .Martin. In reply to Answers to questions

2.5<b>Ghz</b> not 2.5<b>Mhz</b>

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alternative to ports, check task manager

by a_laborer In reply to How many Open Ports is No ...

dunno about the ports, but try ctrl+alt+del (in vista, dunno in 7) and select task manager. check which applications you have running, check the processes, how much cpu they are consuming and how much memory. check the performance graph to see if it is within working parameters. if you see the graph all the way up to 100% that means some process is hogging your processing time and will slow down and even crash your machine. also see if the pf memory usage is less than your total available ram. better if you check this when you are having the problem. hope this helps.

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