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How many people are having problems with printers disapearing on windows XP

By willpd13 ·
Hi All,

We seem to be getting quite a lot of problems with printers disappearing on Windows XP machines and the add printer wizard stops working. This is being caused by the problem described at
The only additional DLL in the windows folder seems to be SETUPAPI.DLL.

I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem and if so have you managed to find out if a piece of software that has been installed is causing it.

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I have seen this problem

by Jaqui In reply to How many people are havin ...

the printer didn't completely disappear, it just lost port settings so lost function.

it was an hp all in one, and it was the ms supplied printer drivers that were at fault.

it's quite likely that you'll need to use the vendor drivers rather than the ms drivers to solve the issue, if the vendor actually makes drivers for xp. [ hp didn't supply drivers for the all in one for xp, they gave them to ms for inclusion, and ms screwed them up ]

I know that it was the drivers, since the same printer worked perfectly under linux.

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Not the driver

by willpd13 In reply to I have seen this problem


The problem is the one described in the link and all of the printers attached to the PC vanish and the add printer wizard will not run if you remove or rename all the dll's in the windows directory and reboot all the printers come back and the wizard starts working again. Its a strange problem that I seem to be getting more often here and I was just wondering if other people are seeing the same problem.

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Sorta kinda...

by fungus-among-us In reply to Not the driver

we were having these issues (disappearing printers) with Windows 98SE. Now that the installed base is XP, the printers no longer disappear, but we do have the occasional printer issues. The new issue seems to stem from NDPS (Novell Distributed Print Services) and XP. Sometimes jobs get hung up in the queue and every job sent to the printers after the hang, gets "lost in space". Moving away from NDPS, our problems went away. I think alot of the problem came from moving from an IPX network to a pure IP one.
Good Luck.

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Been There....

by mmustin In reply to Sorta kinda...

I've seen this on both Windows XP and on our print server (Win2K3). I checked the Services and found that the spooler service (spoolsrv.exe) had stopped for some reason. As soon as I restarted the service the printers reappeared. I had to do this occasionally, but not in the past year.

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