How Many People Tend To Change From Windows To Apple?

By mchll.springs ·
I'm seeking for people who have made the transaction from Windows to Apple, and some others would intending to do so, in the coming future.
If anyone would want to share an experience (along with reasons), and for others who are intending to have maybe a discussion on what steps you take to do so.

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There appear to be quite a few people who are doing this

by OH Smeg In reply to How Many People Tend To C ...

If Apple sales are anything to go by. I wouldn't personally consider using one or the other exclusively as I feel that the right system is the one that does the job best for the user.

But from some of the anecdotal reports that I have heard a lot of people are moving to the Mac because they don't like Vista and are dual booting with XP. From the ones that I deal with they all seem to be using a Mac and running XP Pro but I only have limited exposure to these type of people.


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