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How many printers do you have?

By Martin- ·
I just wanted to get a feel for how many priters other networks have.

We have many...too many in my opinion. 2/3 of people have a printer on thier desk and most users would have at least 2 within two metres of their desk. Not to mention 2 big copiers either side of the office that scan, copy, fax and print in colour. (IMO they alone are enough to cater for most users' needs)

In an office of about 30 users I think we have gone overboard. I'd like to be rid of them - the older ones are starting to break and causing me headaches. As much as I'd like to, there's no way in **** I can take them off the users now.

They were purchased by someone who would just spend money needlessly. When one user saw that another had thier own printer they would ask and bang! they have a new printer on thier desk too. Now that I am incharge I can't tell users to stop being lazy and walk to the large copier/printer to get their printed documents.

What do you think? Are there too many and if so is there any way I can lose these liabilities? Are your user's legs painted on too?

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Get them by the cartridge

by MC_User In reply to How many printers do you ...

I am making the assumption that these printers are older inkjet printers. I am also assuming that the cost of ink is worth more than the printer at this point. I am also assuming that you are responsible for replacing the ink cartridge.
I work for a school system that was in the same situation. We ran the numbers on the actual cost of printing and made the case for getting rid of the inkjets by showing how much it was costing in consumables.
We were able to get some laser printers (we bought in volume and got a deal on consumables as well) Some of the color inkjets are in shared workrooms and we got a couple of really good copier/scanner/printers in the workrooms as well.
I recomend running the numbers and showing the actual costs of printing to the company owners. Be prepared with the cost of ink, the print volume of each printer per month and the estimated replacement cost of each printer. You may also want to estimate the cost of printing per page on the inkjet and compare it to the cost on your networked office copier. (Chances are your copier vendor has all of these stats already prepared as a part of their sales pitch.)
Show the company owners that you can save them money and make the network more reliable without having to purchase any new equipment. Just use what you have in a different way.

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by Martin- In reply to Get them by the cartridge

They are pretty much all laser printers. We have maybe 5 colour jets...which are a huge waste as the large copier/printer can do colours at 18c per page!

I don't control purchasing of toner. I argue that toner is just another consumable, like paper or pencils, so someone else handles that. I however have to do all the maintenance on them and when I can't - which is more and more often - take them into the repairer...$88 per hour isn't cheap!

Thanks for the advice on saving money...I'm not really sure how I can get even a semi-accurate estimate but atleast it'll be something to show there is funds to be save.

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220+ users, 20 printers

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How many printers do you ...

Only eight printers are personal printers, directly connected to a user's computer. These are not shared. The users are mostly in Payroll and Human Resources.

Almost everyone else uses leased Canon multi-function copier / printer / scanner / fax devices over the network. Several years ago we removed most personal printers because the cost of toner cartridges was getting too expensive.

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Printer Mangement Program

by hdill In reply to How many printers do you ...

I would suggest putting all of your laser printers on a printer management program. This will allow you to track your actually usage on a monthly basis, as well as determine if a user needs/gets a printer. If you walked into the CFOs office and showed him you have 25 desktop printers that are costing the company .019 per page and you have a networked printer for those individuals to use that cost .01 per page. You can use the monthly volume to determine a true savings. This helps you bring money saving ideas to your CFO and not be the "bad guy" when you are removing the printers.

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One printer per

by zlitocook In reply to How many printers do you ...

Floor or if needed a color printer that can only be used if needed. Set printers by GP and log on script; let your managers/CIO know that each printer will need service at some point. And it is far cheaper to have one type of printer for the largest group of people then to let each person pick and install their own printer.
Inkjet printers are a bad choice for corp. settings because the cartages cost so much
If a manager needs their own printer they need to fill out a form that states why they need it and how they will replenish the cartridges after it runs out.

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How calculate prints

by balu1011 In reply to How many printers do you ...

i have net center with 6 systems+1 i want to know how hours my system is used and how many prints are taken with hp 1018 printer and hp05

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