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How many problems have you had with Vista?

By Dammule ·
I'm curious to why computer companies can't do a recall when they realize that everyone hates their product. Go ahead... post your issue with Vista. lets be heard.

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Dude, that ship has sailed.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How many problems have yo ...

Vista problems are yesterday's news. With the option to downgrade to XP or upgrade to 7, there's no reason to run or discuss Vista.

Oh, and if you start a discussion here, it's considered polite to air your opinion on a subject before expecting others to respond. We won't show you ours until you show us yours.

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Vista problems

by Hanzi81CZ In reply to Dude, that ship has saile ...

Hi... I have run a vista ultimate for more than a year and half and I did not have any issue. It was quite heavy on resources but apart from this I was pretty happy. Now I am running a windows 7 which is complete different league with speed and features. Highly recommended.

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Speak for yourself, Palmetto

by jck In reply to Dude, that ship has saile ...

I like showing mine. Wanna see? :^0

Um. Vista has slowed significantly for me, even though I have kept the drive data cleaned and organized. I ended up disabling some services to keep it from slowing further.

I will be building a new box soon, and it will have:

-Windows XP Pro x64
-Windows 7 Pro x64
-Kubuntu 9.10 AMD64 Desktop

Mmmmm...triple boot FTW

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Through some hackintosh in for kicks and giggles

by Forum Surfer In reply to Speak for yourself, Palme ...

I always hate rebooting, so I usually run virtual machines under Windows. I used red hat with cisco vpn client for awhile just for kicks and giggles when I had clients who required cisco vpn client (no any connect configured). Cisco never released a vpn client to function with Vista x64. I eventually got bored with it and went back to my Xp vm.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How many problems have yo ...

Bit of a downer isn't it.

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by Forum Surfer In reply to How many problems have yo ...

Not the answer you were looking for, eh? Sorry, but I have had no trouble with Vista. I have issues with companies not releasing Vista capable drivers, but imo that isn't Microsoft's problem. I haven't run it on anything below a core 2 duo with 2 gigs of ram so I have had a pleasant Vista experience.

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Same here

by DMambo In reply to Zero

I do get a lot of complaints about the revised look of Office 2007, though (part of our Vista image). Just cosmetic complaints, but people sure hate to see something different.

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