How many users can Wireless N support?

By Donmecca ·
I have looked around many places and even on cisco's linksys website. I am still unable to find approximately how many people can a wireless N router support. I am considering buying the Linksys E2000 for home and business.

thanks in advance...

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by Wizard-09 In reply to How many users can Wirele ...

This all depends on your wireless network configuration, what's the subnet mask going to be, I can configure my home wireless to take 255 connections to it, but then my line is only 20 meg. You need to give more information if you want a helpful answer.

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More info..

by Donmecca In reply to Wireless

Sorry, Mr. Wizard

Although I am a helpdesk analyst, I have never configured a Wireless N router. From what I have read, I am going to do the 40MHz and 5 GHz settings. I will probably only have a max of 5 connections at home and a 100 for business.

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Business Plan

by Wizard-09 In reply to More info..

You need some sort of business plan, is this network going to be a new network, how many floors have you to cover, how big are the rooms, how many wireless routers will you require, your going to need access points to plug the wireless routers into, do a business plan or this will fail, you need to lock the wireless network down also.

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Re: Business plan

by Donmecca In reply to Business Plan

The business is actually for a friend and I didn't even think about this. It is going to be for a restaurant with free wireless. I choose the Linksys E2000 because you can set it up for guess and still not give anyone access to your private network. The restaurant is only one floor and only seats maybe 75 people. I really appreciate your help....

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DSL Line

by Wizard-09 In reply to Re: Business plan

Ok, you will need to get Internet in the business from a provider, then you need to setup your wireless network. To many wireless routers and you will over crowd the space you are going to have to find the right spots to out the wireless routers, once you do mount them to the Walls, my guess would be 2 to 3 maxs but then I don't know the size of room. The below may help, you may need to bridge the wireless routers also

Best to call cisco or some other store tell them what you plan to do and they should give you the right router for the job hope it helps.

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by Choppit In reply to How many users can Wirele ...

Depends what your users are doing and what their performance expectations are. If you're talking about a handful of users web surfing, and occasional file transfers/video streaming you'd probably have no issues with a consumer grade router. Wireless is a shared medium (effectively half duplex) so only one user has access to the medium at any one time (including wireless management traffic, beacons etc)

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Isn't it all about bandwidth?

by Ron K. In reply to How many users can Wirele ...

How much bandwidth can your network handle" You could theoretically put 198 wireless devices on your network and if only one or two generate much traffic you'll be fine. <br>
For typical, large family, home use a decent, wireless, router should handle 5 wireless devices. Just guessing. <br>
I'm wondering why you're interested in the Linksys 2000. Their router software looked pretty lackluster. I want more control over my router. <br>
Another thing, where are the antennas. What is it, a built-in loop of wire? What's the range? Fifteen feet.<br>
There's much better hardware out there and since you're talking about protecting what may be thousands of dollars worth of equipment and data I think it'd behoove you to look at the high-end of the router spectrum. Sure it looks sleek but I'd use a brick if it did everything I want my router to do.

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