How many?

By benj_amis ·
Up to how many memory capacity ,can i put in Xp home or pro?
is there a posibility to put 4gb in one unit?

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32bit or 64 bit

by vuiyeechin In reply to How many?

if im not wrong the 32bit can only support up to around 3gb. if you have a 64 bit windows it can support up to 4GB

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by benj_amis In reply to 32bit or 64 bit

Is there a problem if i put up to 4gb in 32bit? or there is only its maximum capacity to read the memory,
anyway thanks.

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There may not be a problem

by risques In reply to Sure?

You will waste money as your 32bit system can only access 3gb of RAM the rest is set aside.

However your motherboard may only allow a maximum RAM, check Motherboard specs.

3gb is IMHO better than 2gb. You may also have to use matched pairs eg 2 x DDR2 PC2-5300 if not the ram will only work at the speed of the lowest stick, not the other way round.

I have memory in use screen app and before with 2 gb it frequently showed 1800mb in use now with 3gb it shows a maximum of 2300mb in use and system is significantly quicker at opening applcations.

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