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    how much amount it will consume ?


    by shivakumar ·

    Hi All ,

    We are using notes mail system in our office , really it is a very good mailing system compare to others . I saw maximum of my user’s have used return receipt and delivery confirmation facility whenever they are sending the mail.My question is, the return receipt and delivery confirmation repot also consumes some amuont of bytes ( around 230bytes) , if one user has sent 10 mails per day with return receipt and delivery confirmation menas around 4 kb of datas he is sending through the LAN unnecessarily , considering 30days it will comes to 12 Mb ,if the no of users is 500 means just calculate the amount of the data.Ok I will come to the point how much amount of network resource will be used for this ?, we have one 64 KBPS dedicated line for our mailing system . Is there any utilities are available to calculate this? , and also is there any tips are available to reduce the traffic in the network ?, please help me to educate my users and reduce the mail traffic.


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      how much amount it will consume ?

      by dheupel ·

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      Actually, lets take a better look at the numbers. We’ll assume that what you say about the delivery reports and return receipts is correct at approx. 230 bytes per message. We use Notes in my shop, too, and that sounds about right. So, there is 460 additional bytes moving through the network for each orignial message sent. Each user sends 10 messages per day, so therefore it makes sense that there is approx. 4KB of additional traffic for one user’s e-mail to handle the return receipts and delivery reports.

      Now, given that 4KB figure, over 30 days, would work out to 120KB, not 12MB. Lets look at the 120KB figure, given a 500-user base — that comes to 60000KB, or approx. 57.6MB per month in additional traffic. Since this traffic will actually occur in small packets at very random intervals, I would suspect that the impact on your network overall would be minimal. You mention a 64Kbps link for your mail system, so I presume you have some sort of WAN link or Internet link at 64Kbps to your mail server. I cannot really tell you what the exact impact would be but I can tell you that sharing a 64Kbps data line among 500 users would not be wise – especially if it is a mission critical mail system. You would definitely want to upgrade to T1 speed at a minimum. You should definitely look into obtaining a network monitoring utility to keep an eye on the utilization of your 64K circuit. Ask the telco if they can provide you with usage reports. If your circuit stays saturated all the time, an upgrade is in order, but if utilization averages under 60% of available bandwidth, then you should be OK.

      If the 500 users is a reality in your world, and not a hypothetical, I would certainly recommend that users not request return receipts or delivery reports unless the nature of the message absolutely, positively requires such notifications.

      Good luck!

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      how much amount it will consume ?

      by shivakumar ·

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