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    How much does it cost to build an app like clubhouse ?


    by clarencekek ·

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    Want to order a Clubhouse-like application from development company. Need to know about prices. Due to what factors can it change? Maybe someone had such experience before.

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      Re: clubhouse

      by kees_b ·

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      Since Clubhouse seems to be invite-only, only the few lucky people who have been invited know what it does. Without that knowledge it’s impossible to tell how much it would cost to build something like it.

      Once you have your requirements clearly stated, ask a few development companies for a quotation.

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      The app is a fraction of the total cost.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to How much does it cost to build an app like clubhouse ? tells us a bit about this company and app.

      Today when folk want to build such we start with the usual number for a SocMe app. It’s at least a million USD to get the talent, servers and minimal SocMe crew to build the base.

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      Re: clubhouse

      by pauldenv2 ·

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      It all depends on hourly rate of developers, man-hours and team size. Price can be $20k – $100k+. You need to ask developers directly.

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      cost to build an app like clubhouse

      by smith987 ·

      In reply to How much does it cost to build an app like clubhouse ?

      Clubhouse clone is an audio-based social network platform similar to Clubhouse. The budget for developing the Clubhouse clone app is not fixed as it depends on the following significant factors.

      Product features

      The Clubhouse clone app development cost is directly proportional to the features-set, i.e., the more features you include in your app, the budget will be high. Make sure you do not miss any of the essential features. Some of them are Onboarding, Feed, Rooms, User profiles, Clubs, Privacy & Security, Live Streaming, Likes & Comments, and much more.


      The design you need is also the budget deciding factor. Getting a simple yet appealing design is what makes your app reach a wide range of users.


      Technologies used to make an interactive UI and a heavy framework might cost you more money and require more time. Every business model requires different technologies to handle.

      Third-party wallet and API integrations

      Integrating an app like Clubhouse with a third-party wallet and API requires some additional subscription charges.

      Size and complexity of the project

      The project’s size and complexity will also impact the budget for developing the Clubhouse clone app.

      Time frame

      This is the most decisive factor in determining the cost of app development. A business model with frequent updates and creating an agile app requires more time and consumes money accordingly.

      Geographical location

      The price to develop the Clubhouse clone app differs depending on your geographical location. The cost for app development in North America and Europe is higher than that of Asia and Eastern Europe.

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