How much free storage does a brand new Laptop/PC have minus the windows?

By xyliac ·
So I think I cleaned most of my unwanted files but it still takes up about 300gb out of my 1tb space. I think there might be leftover junk files from previous softwares that are lying around somewhere in the C:\\ Folder.

I'm considering on factory resetting my laptop to get rid of those unwanted files after I back up all of my necessary files; I looked it up earlier and some sources say that the windows operating system should only take up about 20gb space so I should have atleast 950gb of space.

But still, I'm not quite sure. How much free storage does a brand new laptop have? If it's like 900 gb because the windows operating system actually takes up 70-80gb of space, then I'mma hard pass on factory resetting my laptop for some junk files.

My laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 300. Any information regarding the matter helps, thank you very much!
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Look for large files that are taking up your storage

by Toby Morris In reply to How much free storage doe ...

Open your C drive in File Explorer. Select the View tab and make sure the Hidden items option is checked. Then type size:gigantic in the search box in the upper right corner of the File Explorer. This will search all larger than 128MB. After the search is complete, check the result list to see if there are any giant files that are eating up your C drive space.

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