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    How much idle time is normal


    by vikingcoder ·

    The company I work for seems to find it normal to have it’s developers sitting idle for weeks at a time while projects are in the testing and deployment phases. It’s making me absolutely crazy. I always appreciate some slack time in which to do research, learn new things, etc., but this is beyond all limits. I’ve asked repeatedly for more work to no avail. This leads me to two questions, really.

    First, how much idle time do developers spend on the job?

    Second, since I’ve already asked for more work, how do I approach management about my lack of work without convincing them that they could do without me?

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      I’d use that time to enhance my skill set

      by pccomputersupport ·

      In reply to How much idle time is normal

      I’d give just about anything for slack time. I get about 1 day out of 30 at the moment. When I do, I normally use it to learn something new. If I had a period of a couple of weeks, I would be getting additional certifications because it won’t be long before someone wises up.

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        I would agree

        by leadfromthefront ·

        In reply to I’d use that time to enhance my skill set

        Take pennir02’s advice and use downtime to your betterment. If not to make yourself more valuable to your current employer then to boost your skills for your next gig. I can tell you that in my humble Management opinion, I don’t mind downtime but there is a fine line between love and hate right? In other words if you can lend your skills somewhere, do it and if you can’t then definitely don’t be tossing the Nerf football down the cube hallways to your bored cohorts.

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