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How much INCREA$E did you get when switched job

By billyboys ·
When people switch job, they ususally go for higher salary. What percentage are you willing to accept before you jump?

In my case I received about 20% more.

What other factors will you consider before taking up the new job.

This can act as an indicator of how good or bad the IT job market is.

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by Black Panther In reply to How much INCREA$E did you ...

As I have aged I personally have learnt that money isn't everything. If you are single with no ties then maybe it's a different story.

If you are married with family then other issues need to be considered ie travelling time, health benefits, work hours, flexibility, holidays, time in lieu etc etc

Sometimes people take a pay cut and benefit in other areas. Usually ( but not always ) the higher the pay the higher the responsibility, the stress level .. etc etc

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by piratetoolz In reply to $$$

I agree completely. Money, while you certainly can't live without it, isn't everything. I just started a new job as sysadmin in a manufacturing plant. I left from a call center. I haven't had heartburn in two weeks.

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very good

by billyboys In reply to $$$!

well, I switched job back in April for high salary. The problem with the new job is that I am not working on any meaningful projects unlike in the past, my projects were of value and importance. Well...just hope I will start getting better projects or else I might need to get my resume ready again.

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other factors

by john.a.wills In reply to How much INCREA$E did you ...

I am semi-actively looking for a job a few railway stations nearer home, as my commute is longer than I would like. Also, such a job is likely to have shops and restaurants nearer than the nearest to this location.

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by uofM In reply to How much INCREA$E did you ...

Over the summer, I switched jobs for a 22% increase. However, I miss calculated. I based it on pure salary. You need to take other factors into account.

While I was paid 22% more:
- I lost out on a 5K a year education program.
- I wasn't able to work from home at time (hard to put a value on that)
- I no longer had the use of a laptop (3K?)
- I lost out on a 10% retirement fund that's put in ever year (regardless how much you contribute).
Other indirect losses:
- flex time to use for community service
- 5K adoption fund (a program by my company that give 5k to adopting parents).

And most of all.... I wasn't happy at all at my new job.

Needless to say, I went back to may old job only after 3 weeks. I feel very lucky that they took me back. They even kept my status.

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Agreed, even if you are from Michigan

by NuSigF In reply to

So yeah, total compensation is key. Look at the entire package before moving. Let's say your compensation packages are completely the same, except your salary, I'd move for a 20% jump. However, things generally aren't as simple as that. It's the job. Do you like your job? If you don't, you'll soon find out that money isn't everything, and it really doesn't matter how much they pay you to deal with morons and moronic policy and leadership. If you do like your job, you'll soon find out that money isn't everything, and it's great to be part of a team (or leading a bunch of great people) to fulfill a mission/accomplish a challenging task/etc etc.

A recent survey showed that as long as the money was decent, IT people preferred praise and recognition over bonuses.

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Same pay

by TheSaint007 In reply to Agreed, even if you are f ...

I just took a job for the same money, more responsibility lower 401K, less vacation, and a whole bunch of other intangable benifits. Why? Because I really hated my last position. Re-orgs every 6 months, no plan, managers who did not understand the technology, and so on.

In this new position, I'm really liking it and I may even stay past 6 months.

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