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How much is too much?

By texvanwinkle ·
Insufficient memory question here. I may not have a problem at all, but I find it odd that with 512mb RAM I'm running into insufficient memory errors as often as I am. Right now, for instance, I have running Winamp, Act 2.0 (yes, you read that right), America Online 5.0 (yes, you read that right, too; why upgrade if I don't need the extra crap?), Movie Magic Screenwriter, and 4 Mozilla browser windows with a total of 13 tabs open. As it stands it says I have 26% free. I had Freehand running as well, but when I tried to perform a function it said insufficient memory. When I checked it said resources were below 1%.

I know I used to routinely run almost if not as much as that at once when 192mb RAM on my old Gateway and only rarely ran into insuff/mem problems. I've checked Task Manager and see nothing unusual running in the background, ran scandisk/defrag just two days ago, have cleared the temp files and internet caches, and have checked for adware/spybots and come up with nothing.

So--do I have a problem I don't know about, or am I really just taxing 512 that much?



, I've checked through the archives and done what

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by willcomp In reply to How much is too much?

What version of Windows?

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by house In reply to How much is too much?'re really putting it through ****. Why upgrade? ... Maybe one of your progs has a memory leak.

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by TheChas In reply to How much is too much?

You can get out of memory errors if virtual memory gets too full.

You want to have a minimum of 2GB free hard drive space with your configuration.

If you have set a fixed size for virtual memory, 1GB is the minimum you should set it to.

On the assumption that this is a Windows 98 /Me system, some of the Windows updates can create memory leaks and related problems for some older hardware.
Both IE 6 and DirectX 9 can mess up a W9X system IF you cannot get a video driver that supports DirectX 9.

You can try a memory manager. (Check out the memory tools at
If running a memory manager helps noticeably, I recommend a clean re-install of Windows and your application software.

Windows 9X has a run life of from 6 months to 2 years before the registry grows so large that it causes problems.


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by texvanwinkle In reply to

Thanks for the tip. I am running Win98 (not SE) and have been letting it take care of the virtual memory, against my better judgement, simply because I didn't know to what I should set it. One thing I notice immediately is that my C: drive--which is dedicated to Windows--is only 2 gig, with slightly under 1 gig free. Sounds like that might be part of my problem. I didn't think with 98 I'd need that much more space, but I've got an 80gb HD, so it's not like I can't spare a couple if it will help things run more efficiently. I just figured with this set-up--running 98 and 95 software on a 1.3gig machine with 512mb RAM and an 80gb HD--my sailing would be silky smooth. Didn't know about memory leaks or some such; I'm only a casual geek. I try to clean up the registry as much as I can on my own, but it might be worth investing in Registry Mechanic. I've been toying with going ahead and upgrading to XP, but then I'd have to upgrade several of my software packages for features I don't really need. Annoying.

Thanks for all the above. I'll try it out and see what happens. I'm closing the question, but if you have any comments about my response here, please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks again. Poster rated this answer.

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by texvanwinkle In reply to How much is too much?

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